virtual reality

this is what brought me today: Psychologists at the University of Liverpool have found that people still find it difficult to understand how mirrors work. Dr Marco Bertamini, from the University’s School of Psychology, conducted a number of experiments by covering a mirror on a wall and inviting participants to walk along a line… Continue reading virtual reality

good night & good luck – buddhism & standing up for things

my daughter and i just went to see good night and good luck, george clooney’s movie about the mccarthy era. apart from the fact that it is a marvelous movie – great camera and great acting – the story made me think about something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately. in… Continue reading good night & good luck – buddhism & standing up for things

change therapy?

hi everyone … why is this blog called change therapy? i can’t give you the exact historical reasons for it – i dimly remember that it was past 1 am when i first started this blog, so who knows what exactly prompted me to come up with that term. however. i’m a big fan of… Continue reading change therapy?

getting serious – keywords & “depression treatment”

well, i’m going to get serious about blogging now. there’s lots of things i want to talk about – and hopefully, you’ll have something to say about it, too!recently, i have been working on my web site. i decided to have it hosted by site-build-it (SBI), a hosting company that offers tremendous support to its… Continue reading getting serious – keywords & “depression treatment”