biting the dog

i was digging around some old files and found this, a short story i wrote which came out of a journal entry which was turned into a poem and then another poem and then this … i’ll tell you that process another time. it’s quite interesting, i think. for now, i got it in my… Continue reading biting the dog

guided visualizations

here are some working, good quality links to online audio guided meditations (the full versions are for sale but the samples are already quite nice)

9/11 – four and a half years later

i just came across an article i tucked away for future use a few years ago. it was written a few days after 9/11 – september 17, 2001, to be precise. in it, one of my favourite authors, psychologist mihaly csikszentmihalyi talks about happiness and harmony post 9/11. csikszentmihalyi specializes in studying creativity, happiness, fulfillment… Continue reading 9/11 – four and a half years later

pema chodron on laziness

a few words about laziness by canadian buddhist monk pema chodron: Looking into Laziness Rather than feeling discouraged by laziness, we could get to know laziness profoundly. This very moment of laziness becomes our personal teacher. Traditionally, laziness is taught as one of the obstacles to awakening. There are different kinds of laziness. First, there’s… Continue reading pema chodron on laziness

phew! our brains don’t think coca-cola is our friend

Brain Scanning Technology Reveals How We Process Brands And Products In a groundbreaking new study, researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University use cutting edge brain scanning technology to explore how different regions of the brain are activated when we think about certain qualities of brands and products. The study, forthcoming in the… Continue reading phew! our brains don’t think coca-cola is our friend

celebrating our relationships

at our fireside chat at sacred space yesterday, we had bobby o’neal as a guest. bobby has a fascinating story. he is a professional forester, a real guys’ guy – and he’s come up with a relationship game. it’s called


through the practice of focusing, we get in touch directly with our “felt sense” – the body’s awareness of all the situations and processes that go on in our lives. it is about notcing inwardly, in the body, all of how it feels. for instance, i’m thinking of the tingling in the soles of the… Continue reading focusing

time & tantra

my friend danielle has recently become quite fascinated by the year 2012, the time at which the mayan calendar ends – and some claim it’s the end of time. i tend to be skeptical of such claims but on the other hand want to remain open-minded. so as usual, i looked around on the internet… Continue reading time & tantra