a video!

a few weeks ago, my friend carol from alphaglyph productions did an interview with me. you can see it on the alphaglyph podcast site. you can try either the “download” or the “play” button. you might need the quick time with itunes plugin for it (for some systems, quick time alone doesn’t seem to do… Continue reading a video!

a tool: alternative thought record

cognitive therapies, which focus on examining and “repairing” one’s thoughts, are often seen as the best way to deal with depression. while i believe that the tools that cognitive therapies provides are just one among many ways to help with depression, they can nevertheless be quite useful. so here is a tool from this tool… Continue reading a tool: alternative thought record

addiction, shame and secrets

medicalnews reports this today: An article published in the recent issue of Psychological Science … demonstrates that individuals have a strong tendency to eat only a single unit of food, regardless of the unit’s size or caloric value. The authors conducted experiments with offering free food in public areas, varying the size of the product… Continue reading addiction, shame and secrets

my birthday wish

today is my birthday. i have a wish. at this time, there are a few people in my life who are deep in the throes of suffering. my wish is that whoever reads this, may send good thoughts to my friends, to any friend you know who is suffering. in the words of the buddha… Continue reading my birthday wish

gender freedom

as my dear readers know, one of the blogs i watch is daily dose of queer, where i found a link to jay sennett’s blog. he’s looking for bloggers to review a new anthology called “self organizing men” – women transitioning into malehood (or FtM, as it’s often called). good for him to use blogvertising… Continue reading gender freedom