open hearts

jeff’s comments on my last post about gratitude about open hearts reminded me of something very beautiful that alice walker, one of my favourite authors (the temple of my familiar is one of my all-time favourite books), once said in an interview with sharon salzberg for shambala sun, a buddhist magazine: “You know, what are… Continue reading open hearts

understanding internet users

(the following entry is a retreat of something i posted back in january. when i transferred my blog over from blogger, for some reason none of the material from january made it over here. so i’ll post some of the posts anew.) a while ago i skulked around the internet again, using wordtracker to find… Continue reading understanding internet users

understanding email chain letters

the other day i received an email from a friend. it started with the ominous “please read and pass on”. immediately my antennae went up; in my experience, 95% of such emails turn out to be hoaxes. the friend of mine who passed the email on to me is an ex teacher, has an excellent… Continue reading understanding email chain letters

my first wordpress post!

i finally moved my blog over to wordpress! i’m so happy! can we have a celebration? how do you have a celebration on a blog? any ideas? as you can see, all of my previous posts (minus the ones from january, for some strange reason) have been imported from my old blog. let me know… Continue reading my first wordpress post!

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