breaking the chains of chain letters

this is another post about chain letters (you may remember one a few weeks ago about a petition type chain letter). i’d like to explain what i find disturbing about another type – the prayer chain letter. chain letters are a form of emotional extortion, mixing very positive sentiments with threats or at least manipulation.… Continue reading breaking the chains of chain letters

affirmations, anyone?

(this is another, edited, reprint from my old blog) i have an uneasy relationship with affirmations. on the one hand i know they can work (under certain circumstances) on the other, my logical mind mistrusts them and finds them plain silly. maybe one day i’ll be wanting to step in front of a mirror and… Continue reading affirmations, anyone?

king ludwig II

today is the 161st birthday of king ludwig II, the crazy and wonderful king of bavaria.  born in munich (my hometown), he was the “fairy tale king”, the man who funded the building of castles like neuschwanstein – the prototypical palaces many north americans think of when they hear the word “castle”. king ludwig was… Continue reading king ludwig II

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weekend to end breast cancer – walking together for life

well, it’s happening – we’re going to the weekend to end breast cancer walk tomorrow! i’ve never done the walk myself, only visited and gone to the closing ceremonies. the feeling alone of being to those events gives me shivers down the spine just thinking about it. the walk is about a collective of people… Continue reading weekend to end breast cancer – walking together for life