carnival of eating disorders #2

we read a lot about women with body image problems. but what about men? well, in this, the second carnival of eating disorders, you’ll read someone’s reflections on that. and while we’re at it, why don’t we talk some more about what guys have to say on the subject, since it is often seen as… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #2

on becoming a poker player

here’s another article written by my husband, glenn, reflecting on his thoughts, feelings and motivations around playing online poker. Poker is something that I’ve long had a mild interest in but it was pretty rare that my

illness? normal? i just want to feel good.

“isn’t even negative thinking a mental illness? so we all have some form of mental illness.” that was michelle’s comment on the vote for mental health posting. mental illness. what is that? let’s say illness is a deviation from normal functioning and well-being. so then the question is – what is normal? “normal” is entirely… Continue reading illness? normal? i just want to feel good.

five haikus

i haven’t posted a poem for quite a while. so here we have, today, a serving of five haikus! immense yellow ball rolling up the horizon: sweet buttery light.

make it worth your while

when is something worth doing? and how often do you do things that are worth your while? how often do you squander away your day? this is something david seah, a freelance IT professional, asked himself, and he came up with this great system. there’s really little i can add, other than kudos to david.… Continue reading make it worth your while

dialogue: speaking the truth

a few days ago, we talked here about the rejection of jay’s six-word story because it was supposedly not g-rated. jay’s and jennifer’s comments on it were so thought-provoking that i decided to post my replies to them here. this is not just about one incidence. it’s about how to best deal with the lack… Continue reading dialogue: speaking the truth

walking the talk

my friend aaron – all-round artist, geek, environmentalist, treeplanter, and last not least full-time human being – is at it again. he’s walking for the cure from cars. talk about walking the talk. and since this time he’s documenting his journeys so beautifully, we could say he’s also talking his walk. so. the cure from… Continue reading walking the talk

six-word stories, part 2: queer discrimination

a few days ago, i posted about the six word story contest at middlezonemusings. the only stipulation was that the submissions were to be g-rated. i thought it was a great meme/game and tagged a few blogger friends, among others jay sennett. jay, a transgendered person, crafted this insightful phrase: no breasts. complete hysterectomy. gender:… Continue reading six-word stories, part 2: queer discrimination

vote for mental health

vote for mental health! what mental health issue needs to go on the government’s agenda? if you have opinions about that – and i hope you do – and if you’re canadian, you can now participate in an e-consultation put up by health canada. the questions are do we need a mental health commission? what… Continue reading vote for mental health