carnival of eating disorders #3

welcome to the february 28, 2007 edition of carnival of eating disorders. this time around, the majority of our entries are about body image. i particularly like audrey hepburn’s beauty tips – a bit corny, perhaps, but true and beautiful nonetheless. topic: body image rt regales us with an interview with erin pavlina, wife of… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #3

designing the web

i’m still digesting the great fare at the northern voice blogging conference. as you may have gleaned already, one of my favourites there was nancy white. in talking about how we interact with one another, on and offline, she said something that left a lasting impression on me: “everyone is a designer!” what does that… Continue reading designing the web

conversations at northern voice

conversations are at the heart of my practice. conversations are what i was hoping for when i first started this blog. conversations was one of the topics at this year’s northern voice blogging conference – i facilitated a little presentation about it at moosecamp (the first day’s unconference) in connection with the vancouver bloggers meetup.… Continue reading conversations at northern voice

sex trade workers and free will

here in vancouver, the courts are finally dealing with willy pickton, accused of murdering dozens of women. these were women with friends, family, children. women who laughed and told stories and wrote christmas cards. i personally met two of them. they were also people who were addicted to drugs. they were poor. many of them… Continue reading sex trade workers and free will

addiction: underestimating the power of cravings

addiction is pretty hard to understand if you’ve never been there. the crazed lust, the desperate longing for whatever it is that your are hooked on – from heroin to alcohol to overworking to shopping to sex to codependency – whatever it is, if it’s not your thing then all you can do is shake… Continue reading addiction: underestimating the power of cravings

a fix for both obesity and malnutrition?

research on obesity is really going places these days. a little while ago, i reported on the discovery of an obesity virus and an obesity molecule. now, feifan guo and douglas cavener, two biologists at penn state university, have discovered an enzyme with the weighty name of GCN2 eIF2alpha kinase (let’s call it GAK, shall… Continue reading a fix for both obesity and malnutrition?