carnival of eating disorders #4

welcome to this month’s carnival of eating disorders, where we look at blogs that help us understand the various forms of eating disorders, and point ways to recovery. OVEREATING this time around, the biggest category is on overeating. we have marsha hudnall who discusses a finding that has been making the rounds lately: binge eating… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #4


there may not be any posts for the next few days – my daughter is in labour, the baby is on its way! yahoo!

kind acts and open hearts

“kind thoughts are nice but what we need is kind acts” this is one of brock tully’s phrases that are still with me after attending the one of a kind stories event yesterday. twelve speakers shared their stories, truly from the heart – twelve courageous people who are making kindness happen, right now, right here.… Continue reading kind acts and open hearts

gratitude, again

it’s time to do a gratitude post – haven’t done one in a long while! i am grateful that i am part of a supportive community that my practice is growing for the members of my thesis committee for our roomy house for all the interesting people i’m meeting

malesque: (non)categorizing gender

this is another post by alex green, my lovely young assistant. it’s great to work with people whose minds are fresh and agile! here, alex picks up the thread from the post on international women’s day, where the term “male-esque” made an appearance. what does “male-esque” mean? to define male-esque is going against