ten zen seconds blog book tour update

“i am equal to this challenge.” this is another of eric maisel’s twelve incantations. i have to confess that initially i was a bit sceptic of his book ten zen seconds (“is this going to be yet another book that uses the word “zen” in vain?) but the more time i spend with it, the… Continue reading ten zen seconds blog book tour update

granny post number 7: a name!

julian. it’s not quite clear what that name means. it could mean “downy-bearded”, or it could relate to the highest roman god, jupiter, the equivalent of the greek god zeus. whatever it is, it’s a darn good name. and the name of the baby-to-come! yes, we know the gender now! yesterday, i accompanied mindemoya on… Continue reading granny post number 7: a name!

kiddie porn

what do you think when you hear the word “kiddie porn”? you’re probably disgusted. however, you also hear the words “kiddie” (sounds a bit like “kitten”, doesn’t it?) and “porn”, which is an abbreviation of “pornography”, an abbreviation that does not only make the word sound shorter but also somehow abbreviates the whole idea. the… Continue reading kiddie porn

liberated children, liberated people

this morning i was looking for internet references to my favourite parenting book, liberated parents, liberated children. back when i was facilitating parents’ groups, i used it as the basis of two courses. what struck me suddenly was that this book is about much more than “just” parenting (as if that wasn’t enough!) – it’s… Continue reading liberated children, liberated people