carnival of eating disorders #7 (part 1)

welcome to the 7th carnival of eating disorders! this round, i’m trying something new. i’ll discuss the articles in a little more detail and break them up over two days. let me know how you like that! today we’ll talk about the topic of addictions and habits (or lack of them). corn products at the… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #7 (part 1)

rant: anglican qualifiers

“may i ask what age group you fall into? ok, thanks. do you work for a marketing company? no? good. and your household income? thank you. last question, what postal code do you live in? oh, V5W? i’m sorry, we already have the quota for people with your profile filled.” i’m sure you’ve all heard… Continue reading rant: anglican qualifiers

treating alcohol addiction

according to, there is more and more agreement that alcohol abuse occurs on a continuum. it needs to be treated accordingly; traditional methods of helping alcoholics work for less than half of them. project MATCH, a project involving over 80 therapists, is now looking at ways to match patient preferences with different kinds of… Continue reading treating alcohol addiction

monday bullets

hot coffee girl, a blogger i met through damien riley, introduced me to the idea of “blogging bullet points” – short little tidbits to blog about. so here are some random things that have been rattling around here these last few days: reading the marlowe chronicles righ now. an aging actor (ham?) is facing death… Continue reading monday bullets

six good acts

“don’t chew your moustache (or anyone else’s)” that’s part of what robert c. carson call’s the “pleasant person’s act”. in my last post i mentioned his book, taming your gremlin and you may remember how he talked about the discomfort, even pain, that can come from following your self-concept rather than just being yourself. in… Continue reading six good acts

solstice 2007

gentle rain links this soft night with soil, still steaming from the day – ride upwards to those stars in wafts of early summer. and already the seed of fall is getting ready, yawning, stretching, scratching the green of a blade here and there. solstice tonight, and everything here contains everything. those clouds that cover… Continue reading solstice 2007