carnival of eating disorders #8

welcome to this month’s edition of the carnival of eating disorders! what are blog carnivals? they are like a readers digest of articles on just about any topic under the sun. imagine this one as a parade of blog posts – all about eating disorders. anorexia in the media at are you eating with your… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #8

bobby mcferrin

god, bobby mcferrin is good. last friday, being in the presence of such a big man (of such slight stature) who is so thoroughly imbued with music gave my heart – not just my musical mind – a larger canvas to sing on. country and western, classical, african, children’s songs, jazz – nothing is foreign… Continue reading bobby mcferrin

on blogging and research

a few days ago, i promised you the fourth instalment of the report on our little research project that explores the thoughts of people who view images of nude or scantily clad anorexic women. i need a bit more time with that, and today i’d like to share with you my reflections on why. it… Continue reading on blogging and research

“don’t should on yourself”: albert ellis dead at 93

what’s the goal of therapy? “to minimize the client’s central self-defeating outlook, and to acquire a more realistic, tolerant philosophy of life.” that is one of the the central tenets of rational-emotive therapy (RET), founded by albert ellis in 1955. albert ellis died yesterday at the age of 93. albert ellis walked his talk. he… Continue reading “don’t should on yourself”: albert ellis dead at 93

anorexia and sex survey – part 3

okay, let’s move on to part 3 of the survey on anorexia and sex. we already talked about the “thrill” of looking at pictures of anorexic women that some people experience. we should also note, however, that there were quite a few responses that indicated concern and empathy. the word “sad” came up numerous times… Continue reading anorexia and sex survey – part 3

10 little-known ways to say goodnight to insomnia

chronic insomnia – problems falling or staying asleep, or markedly unrestful sleep for more than three weeks – can drive people crazy. often there are underlying problems: depression, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, etc. treating them can help with sleeplessness. other things that can help are widely known, such as not drinking caffeine, not… Continue reading 10 little-known ways to say goodnight to insomnia