carnival of eating disorders #9

welcome to the 9th carnival of eating disorders! we had a break in august, and now there are lots of new articles to look at. today we have posts on body image, anorexia, bulimia and overeating. also, as i’ve done before, this month i’m picking one post and will talk about it in more depth… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #9

PTSD and restorative justice

scott from finding your marbles just sent me an email wondering about my thoughts on the development of this story about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as grounds for acquittal. a groundbreaking ruling that found a former soldier not criminally responsible for a sex assault he admitted to committing was overturned by the manitoba court… Continue reading PTSD and restorative justice

alternative approaches to dealing with mental health

at our vancouver bloggers’ meetup last time, pete quily of adult ADD strengths asked me an interesting question: “what are the topics that would naturally come up in the course of your work that you’re not discussing much on your blog?” it’s a question i’ve been thinking about ever since, and i’ve been working on… Continue reading alternative approaches to dealing with mental health

the scrunchie challenge: change a habit!

adam at the monk at work blog sent me an email about his latest blog post yesterday. i quickly glanced at it and then just marked the URL for the post. it reads because i only glanced at it, all i saw was “no complaints contest”. hey, i thought, what a cool idea! it… Continue reading the scrunchie challenge: change a habit!

try a little money management

looks like this is guest post week. today you can find me on nancy zimmermann’s blog. nancy is a money coach, and i wrote a little piece on “trying” money management. below is an excerpt. for the full article, go here. a little while ago i wrote an article on trying vs. allowing. nancy thought… Continue reading try a little money management

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men, women, and body image

here’s an interesting abstract from a research study on body image, do men find bony women attractive? it’s a bit woolly, so in the interest of plain language, i translated it: we always want to know more about eating disorders. one aspect of eating disorders is body image, and particularly negative body image. a positive… Continue reading men, women, and body image