carrnival of eating disorders #17

welcome to the 17th carnival of eating disorders, where we look at blog posts that deal with anorexia, bulimia, exercise bulimia, overeating, orthorexia, EDNOS, body image and other related topics. i have to confess that after all this time, the name “carnival” of eating disorders still rings funny in my ears. suggests these alternative… Continue reading carrnival of eating disorders #17

quickie: i need your opinion!

i’m going to be in the may 2008 bloghology.  bloghology is “a collection of bloggers and their masterpieces blended as a monthly ezine.” one of the things i’ve been asked for this bloghology entry is, “what are your 5 best blog posts?” now i have an opinion on this but really, your opinion, dear readers,… Continue reading quickie: i need your opinion!

the definition of addiction

in the last few weeks, a radio interview and two articles have encouraged me to again look at the nature of addiction. one of them is a discussion we are having on this blog here about alcohol use and art, with contributions by danish composer skovgaard danielsen and zen practitioner and painter eden maxwell. another… Continue reading the definition of addiction

quickie: enviro peeves

alexander over at planet thoughts asks, “what’s your pet enviro peeve”? what a great question! i’ve left a comment there (hope it’s approved by now) about plastic bags at the supermarket. another one of mine is public transit. coming from europe, and having lived in south america, i’m used to public transit in all shapes… Continue reading quickie: enviro peeves

frozen pea friday post: health and poverty

in last week’s frozen pea friday post – the weekly post about people dealing with cancer, inspired by susan reynolds and my friends who are dealing with cancer – we alluded to the difficulty of paying for the necessary care needed for people living with cancer. this immediately led me to thinking about the connection… Continue reading frozen pea friday post: health and poverty

a buddhist carnival – may 2008 edition, part 2

so … here’s part 2 of this month’s buddhist carnival. you can find part 1 here. buddha’s birthday talking about carnival, here are some pictures of buddha’s birthday festival in perth put on by the buddha light international association (i know it from my husband’s family, who are japanese pure land buddhists, as hana-matsuri). here’s… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – may 2008 edition, part 2

up the down staircase

this is a guest post by my blogging and twitter friend alexander zoltai. it’s the story of how, down and out with alcohol and homelessness, he almost … well, read for yourself: at first, i was trying to push ahead when i really needed healing time. went from a homeless situation in ohio to florida… Continue reading up the down staircase