kerr cuhulain is my favourite wiccan author so i was delighted to find out he now has a blog. kerr cuhulain believes in cultivating virtues (he calls them codes of chivalry), and proposes to focus on a specific one every month. may is related to self discipline.  in thinking about that, i looked around the… Continue reading self-discipline

morita therapy, the psychology of action

once in a while i tell people that the name of my company is moritherapy and they say, “oh yes, i know moritherapy!” what they usually mean is morita therapy. it’s about time i explore what that is. the information here comes from the ToDo institute. morita therapy is sometimes referred to as the psychology… Continue reading morita therapy, the psychology of action

in defense of “trying”

the word “trying” has a bad rap. why? yoda said, “do, or do not. there is no try“. there is the idea that “trying” is associated with excuses, that trying comes just before failing, that trying implies no commitment, etc. fair enough. here are my points: what does try mean? let’s start by looking at… Continue reading in defense of “trying”


earlier this week, i had the pleasure of guest blogging for strawberry ghetto (here), a lovely fellow vancouverite whom i met last year during the blogathon.  the topic of the post is transitions.  one of the things i talk about there is the time i lived a double life.  like this: images by bill barber… Continue reading transitions

homophobia, the 4 noble truths, and the 8-fold path

today, on the international day against homophobia and transpobia, i’d like to gather a few thoughts on homophobia in view of the four noble truths, the core ideas of buddhism. there is suffering – giving birth, aging, illness, etc. in the pali text, there are two things that specifically apply here, i believe: “union with… Continue reading homophobia, the 4 noble truths, and the 8-fold path