love every day

is it valentine’s day yet?  what?  i missed it?  drat!  yup, that was one of the things that fell between the cracks during my trip to europe.  what also fell between the cracks was telling you about an ebook that chelle kindly invited me to participate in.  as a gift to her readers on valentine’s… Continue reading love every day

last minute ideas for earth hour

we’re scrambling madly last minute to come up with something fun to do for earth hour. are you, too? if that’s the case, here are a few links green daily – my favourite huddle in the basement with a shotgun and a case of canned ravioli and pretend it’s the apocalypse. flickr – i like… Continue reading last minute ideas for earth hour

this won’t take long

got a few minutes? humour me. what are one or two things you’ve been thinking about and delaying taking action on for – maybe you don’t even remember how long? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ what would be the first step in dealing with it? something really simple you can do right now, something that won’t take more… Continue reading this won’t take long

urgent evoke: new solutions?

inspired by TED talk gaming can make a better world, i joined urgent evoke, a game that is “a crash course in saving the world.” the idea is to learn about, act on and imagine solutions for the things that cry out for answers in our world today – from energy needs to poverty to… Continue reading urgent evoke: new solutions?

my father

today i didn’t work on a blog post but on the way overdue wikipedia entry for my father, the painter juergen von huendeberg.  for now it’s a draft – what do you think?  here it is, and here is one of his pieces of art – a collage. {{newpage}} Juergen von Huendeberg (aka Hans-Otto Maximilian… Continue reading my father

the power of denial

i had a conversation with a client the other day about his brother who is presenting him with quite a bit of bafflement. “he (let’s call him noah) is such a nice guy; wise, funny, understanding, compassionate, self aware. and then – there is this part of himself that he seems to be completely unaware… Continue reading the power of denial

8 from google

my brain is still only functioning at 42.718% capacity (as opposed to the usual 60 7/8th) so i don’t find myself to be able to say much. what little brain power i had went to work today and another fabulous mental health chat on twitter. but i feel guilty for not blogging enough so i… Continue reading 8 from google