mental health camp news

a few updates on MentalHealthCamp, the second vancouver conference on the intersection between social media and mental health, to be held on july 10. we have a motto! it is breaking our silence. setting us free. also, there will be a mental health camp in toronto – isn’t that cool?  it’s on may 28.  raul… Continue reading mental health camp news

voices – napowrimo day 24

when your voice doesn’t come out and you hear someone else sing and more voices run around in your mind when you see lights left right center when the rattling comes at you and the heat and the radiation when you keep beating up your head how can it work how are you supposed to… Continue reading voices – napowrimo day 24

prayer to be simple

when i was in germany, i picked up a slim little book of poetry, die gebete der demut (prayers of humility) by french poet francis jammes.  he lived from 1868 to 1938.  the poetry foundation says about him that he was … best known for his poetry of the natural world, in which he praised… Continue reading prayer to be simple

earth day: proud to be a rag doll

in the late 80s and early 90s i wrote an environmental column for a little independent vancouver newspaper, the revue, run by rod raglin. a propos of earth day, i thought i’d reprint one of the articles, written in 1990. since i just bought some great stuff at grand central today (including a pair of… Continue reading earth day: proud to be a rag doll

therese borchard: the pocket therapist

earlier this year, you heard me rave about therese borchard’s book beyond blue a few times. she has a new book out, the pocket therapist. i just received it and haven’t opened it yet. because i have so much trust in therese, i’ll do this: i’ll look at three random pages, tell you what i… Continue reading therese borchard: the pocket therapist

haiku people

blossoms, grass, wind – i inhale with all my pores this rich april night i’m not the only one writing haiku these days. disordered cosmos does, too, describing her (his?) PhD, the metaphoratorium has something to say about the rosetta stone, and these people do it all backwards.