changes at change therapy: expectations and silence

where does this go? those of you who have been here often may have noticed that i’ve become somewhat quiet lately. here’s why. i’m trying to revamp my life a bit. bringing some things to a close, shedding others – basically making room for something new. what that new thing is, i don’t know (i… Continue reading changes at change therapy: expectations and silence

writers festival

here are some of the events i’m considering going to at vancouver’s annual writers festival. 33 old friends linwood barclay ontario gail bowen saskatchewan quintin jardine united kingdom host: the honourable larry w. campbell thu, oct 21, 8:00pm revue stage $19.00 (buy tickets online) one of the draws for aficionados of crime fiction is the… Continue reading writers festival


tomorrow is the international day of peace. to that aim, here’s a video of an interview between ram dass and thich nhat hanh – i’ve actually showed it before but i just have to present it again, it’s so important. want some more peace talk? on this blog, there are 128 posts with the word… Continue reading peace

am i my body? my feelings? musings on identity and focusing

lately, my three-year-old grandson is quite interested in the whole concept of identity and relationships. “what’s your mom’s name?” “mommy!” “who’s that?” “that’s callan. he’s my sister. jaden is my friend.” “grandma, who’s that in the picture?” “the father.” “what’s his name?” “i don’t know. jack, maybe?” “no, that’s not jack.” “michael?” “no, not michael.”… Continue reading am i my body? my feelings? musings on identity and focusing

why being canadian makes us sick

today was the annual general meeting of the canadian mental health association. our speaker was dr. paul kershaw. ¬†from his intro: kershaw is an academic, public speaker and media contributor. he is one of canada’s leading thinkers about care-giving and family policy, receiving two national prizes from the canadian political science association for his research.… Continue reading why being canadian makes us sick

human, the storytelling animal

i just read too scared to pee – about women in nairobi’s slums for whom it is just too dangerous to go to the washroom at night. details. it is details that make things real for us. statistics like “30% of men in a south african survey believed that women ask to be raped” are… Continue reading human, the storytelling animal

tweeting against suicide

in preparation for world suicide prevention today, i listened to some tweets. and then I listened to my heart’s response and wrote it down: spread the word, save lives, get people talking! yes, let’s TALK about it! who can YOU talk to about this today? and not just on world suicide prevention day. today is… Continue reading tweeting against suicide