recovering from anorexia: 10 activities

what do people do when they start on their recovery from anorexia? here is a list of ten things that those who deal with this eating disorder mention most frequently. these are activities that they themselves decide on. that’s important to keep in mind. if i were to say to one of my clients, “jo, why don’t you cook a nice meal for anne and bob? you could prepare something you like and then have some yourself!”, it would quite possibly backfire. however, i’m happy when a client comes in and tells the story of doing some of these things.

(if you’d like a bit of support with any of this, drop me a line).

1. positive eating, e.g.
meeting up with a friend for lunch, even though it’s scary to eat in public
eating a healthy breakfast (not just a 1/2 cup of dry cereal)
cooking for friends – and participating in the meal afterwards

2. engaging in healthy relationships, e.g.
choosing to go to a movie with a friend rather than staying home surfing the internet
setting boundaries with a sibling
discussing the relationship with a partner or girl/boyfriend

3. walking away from unhealthy eating behaviours, e.g.
no purging
no declining to eat in public
talking to a friend about something that makes you angry rather than starving over it

4. gentle exercise and resting, e.g.
taking a half-hour walk rather than going for a one-hour run
skipping gym for a day
resting when tired, rather than drinking black coffee

5. positive self-talk, e.g.
“i am someone, and beautiful to boost!”
“the world is not a fearful place”
“it’s no big deal. each day is just a chance to try out new things.”

6. honesty, e.g.
not saying “fine!” with a fake smile every time someone asks “how are you”
being totally honest about food with at least one person
not bottling up feelings of fear and ambivalence when having sex

7. doing nice things for yourself, e.g.
getting a long overdue haircut
going shopping for “normal” clothes (not clothes that will hide the body)
just spending a nice day – maybe reading, going to a movie, sleeping in

8. spending quiet time with your feelings, e.g.
creative visualization

9. professional help, e.g.
seeing a psychotherapist
attending group
making that long overdue appointment with the nutritionist

10. positive body image, e.g.
going to the beach in a bathing suit
spending time in front of the mirror
having sex in broad daylight

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234 thoughts on “recovering from anorexia: 10 activities

  1. Aliyah

    Maria- hey welcome to the sitee! you are not alone! first things first recocery is hard but amazing all the same. ur gna learn to love food agen but more importantly learn to love urself! its a jorney of self discovery! The start is hard maria, u have to really push urself. anorexics need to eat about 2500- 4000 calories! ya it sounds like loads but people who go into programmes get fed this much! If u wanna truely be happy u must learn and realise that weight gain and body shape changing is part of the process and ui have to learn to love it! Eating well and lots and often will help boost ur metablism and give u loads of energy!
    hmm u sed u eat the same stuff all the time? thats not good, cause routine is anorexia related. i mean ur nutrionist will help u wuth that, but until then, write a list of foods u cud eat instead, like for example if u always have a cereal bar or bowl of cereal instead of a banana, lunch u cud have sum sort of sandwich, a baguette the next day.

    variety is the spice of life! love food, enjoy it, and ignore that voice! regaining weight is the only way out this mess!
    good luckkk keep posting x

  2. Maria

    thanks for the advice, its amazing. i just have one question; do u have any tips or advice for me to stop constantly thinking about this? i can’t get it out of my head which causes me to be miserable and not act myself and i hate it

    Maria’s last blog post..By: Aliyah

  3. Aliyah

    Maria- no problem! honestly try and eat three big meals a day and have as many snacks as u like. food is to be njoyed dnt feel no guilt πŸ™‚

    Its hard to not think about it. its sumthing that gets better over time, i still think about it. Th best way is see when uve eaten sumthing do sumthing to keep ur mind off the food. so like- have a bath, fone a friend, read a book, go for a walk, listen to ur fave music go shopping! anything u like really, but dnt stay isolated. be social and sit about with family n pals an that cause isolation will make the voices stronger. see when im really full and feel a bit crappy i sit with my family or watch a tv programe or sumthing to keep my mind off it!

    good luckkkkyyy whens ur appointments with doc and nustrionist?

    ur definetly doing the right thing! healthy and happy right?!

  4. lou

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to know what to do. All these posts seem to be people who need to gain weight. I do not need to gain any weight anymore. To be honest, I probably need to lose a little. But i do not know where to start eating ‘normal’ because the three meals a day and snacks is still making me gain, if that makes sense. Now im not saying im FAT, just that i’m like 125-130lbs and thats ‘normal’ even if i’d prefer 110. Oh well, i guess i have no choice, you cannot do anything with so many eyes watching you as i do. Its crazy.

    Can anyone offer any advice, is anyone in the same position as me?

    Sometimes i feel i have no right to write on this… im not ana, im just chubby with a bit of a screwed up mind πŸ™

  5. gem

    this sounds terrible… but once youve been down that road, you never stop thinking about whats in food, how many calories there are in it. It just seems to stay with you. You just have to learn to control your mind and just accept the food for what it is. Its hard work!!!
    I do eat normally now, but the people who have seen you ill never trust you… they are always watching!
    You have to let the folks worry, but at the same time they have to realise you do want to come out of this… its not easy, i know… thats why i’ve slipped back to it. I have another fight on my hands and i know it will never truly 100% go away out of my head.

  6. Aliyah

    Lou- ino uve told me about ur situation before. ur in a wondeful position belive me, u know ur bodys at a state where its running well and everything is working internally. yes im sure it is hard, of course it is, but u sed what ur eating is still makin u gain? uno u have to keep doing it, until ur weight levels out. then u know ur eating enuff to maintain that weight. AFter that if u wanna lose weight u can do light exersice. but dont do anything drastic like cut out food groups, or go on a diet, let ur body learn to fully trust u agen!
    time is all u need, and u have plenty of it, so dnt worry about how u look and try to enjoy life and live it to the full! i bet u look beautiful no matter what, so ddont worry about it. ur more than a number!


  7. gem

    well,another day another few binges with alternating being sick. i have to change this starting tomorrow. i’ve decided… i am going to end up dead if i carry on like this. i’m 26, i don’t want to end my life now. i hope its not too late… and that the damage is already done.
    ive got to learn how to eat normally again, i don’t really know how to or where to start. so its going to be tough. stick with me guys… it starts here. x

  8. Aliyah

    gem- were all with u. im glad u have decided to get better. you are young nd have alot going for u! why let anorexia ruin it? theres no reason.
    how abotu startin off by going to a doc and gettin a nutrionist? she will help u make a meal plan that u can stick too. until then eat 3 meals, makew them big and snack inbetween.

    good luck lovely

  9. Gem

    Hey guys…
    bit of a funny week. Did ok first day, back to square 1 yesterday. Today i’m off to docs for a medical for a driving licence anyway, my glands are up in my neck because i was sick, so I’m hoping my doc isn’t too sussed with eating probs!!! I have gone 24 hours anyway without being sick, I need to focus on the positives. It is so hard… c’mon we all have to think that there is more to life than battling this day in day out. I found a piece on the death of a bulimic at work yesterday… it was horrible and thats not how i want to end up.
    Let you know how tomorrow goes, but the battle goes on anyway!!! xxx

  10. Aliyah

    gem- heyy well done u! ur so right, we do need to focus on positives, u dont want to die, and tast whats eds do. u need to be stronger nd eat really wel.. do not let an ed ruin ur life!
    gd luck x

  11. Mazzie

    Hi guys.
    I have been suffering from anorexia for about 4 years. I was admitted to hospital 2 years ago and spent a long time there, it was so hard at first but eventually i started to feel really positive about putting on weight and loved life again. I looked foward to getting my cleavage back and being able to waer the old clothes i used to love.
    Since being out of hospital i lost a little, but hav managed to maintain the same weight for about a year. At the moment i am feeling so frustrated, i have lost a little of that positivity and have stated exercising. I am constantly thinking about food! But i am not restricting, which is the bonus. I keep trying to get myslef a normal lifestyle, i miss eating out so much and would love to have meals out with my boyfriend like i used to, or go out drinking with the girls and not worry about the calories in alcohol but instead just let loose and have fun. I know i am so close to recovering, yet i cant seem to break that final barrier. I know life without anorexia is so much better and fun, yet at the same time i am so terrified of loosing it…. but i dont know why, it casuses nothing but heartache!!!!!
    If i coud just be comfotable with putting on weight it would be ok, but yesterday was one of those real fat days, and i tired to beat it by letting myself have a treat, out of routine.. just to stick it to the illness… but ended up feeling even more guilty! I will keep battling, cause this illness is just not worth it. IThanks to everyone who has posted their positive messages and advice, it has truly helped to read them.
    The best advice i was ever given was to think of food as medicine… your body needs it to function.

  12. Aliyah

    mazzie hey well done so far! anorexia recovery takes a long time i had it for about 6 years and now im nearly recovered, like u. ive started going out to dinner, going out drinkin alot more but now n then the voice creeps in. i dont exercise though, im way too lazy!
    just stay strong, remember life is better without ana, and ur more than a number. recovery is not jusabout weight regain, its about discoering the real you.

    love yourserlf!!! try go out for a meal, its so tasty. beat that voice, and prove to urself, u r in control πŸ™‚


  13. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and starting to recover from an eating disorder. I have been told that it is anorexia but I dont see myself as being overweight and never have, all I want to do is put on the weight and be healthy again, I do have a fear of getting to fat as I was previously overweight and believe if I put on weight it wont stop and I will become overweight again. Is it easy to maintain a healthy weight once you reach it? Would you consider what I’ve got to be anorexia or some other sort of eating disorder. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

  14. Aliyah

    hey there.
    who said u have anorexia? if u are very underweight, or at least underweight , restrcting food intake , purging, low self esteem, loss of periods, low confidence, laxative abuse, over exercising, feeling tired and lethargic, weak, unable to see u are underweight or just doing a number of these things u probably are.
    and yes once u get to a healthy weight ur body will not keep putting on more and more. ur body has a set point, which is the weight it works best at, homeostasis. once u get to it, u have to leave ur body to do what it will. everyone set point differs, but at that weight u will feel good, have energy and ur body wil function well!
    my only advice is to eat well and dont worry about being overweight!!
    i have been suffering from anorexia and bulimia for a long time, and now im getting better and its the best thing in the world! ur doing urself great favours:)


  15. melissa m

    Hey, guys. Way to go to all those like me who are fighting to free themselves form anorexia, bulimia, or any dependency. It’s all real hard, especially acknowledging the problem and then acknowledging HELP IS needed- no matter who its from. So yeah, just giving encouragement………. and wondering if anyone out there would like a friend to chat/ emial with. My name’s Melissa, I’m 18, a college frshmen in Elk Grove, Ca, and just want someone to recover along with-. Just emial back to: com for more info. Thanks so much- and BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!

  16. anonymous

    Hi, I’m 15 and recovering from anorexia. I never realised how hard it was and what a terrible disease it is. can someone please reasure me that when I increase what I eat that I’m not going to balloon and put on a lot of weight quickly, thats my only worry.
    thank-you for any help

  17. Aliyah

    hey there
    i know how u feel, ive been there, its tough but belive me recovery is the best thing ull ever do !!!
    anorexia is SLOW SUICIDE belive me.and for ur weight i had the same thoughts when i got better and its false. u wnt put on lots of weight, ana will make it think u have. and any weight u put on will be water weight, and u have to stick with it and eat regulary till ur body trusts u agen and then honestly ur weight stabalisies and balances out.

    im proud of u for deciding to get better, ive had anorexia for years and i had the same thoughts as u all the time, but i learnt its sooo not true. behappy and live ur life!

  18. Mazzy

    Heya, I was just reading over some of everyones comments, and Id like to say that I find it a relief that someone finally understands how I am feeling. πŸ˜€ I have been sufering from anorexia for the last two and a half years, which in that time have been admitted into hospital twice. but i’m now on the way to recovery (I think). Recently my meal plans have been going OK, but I find that everything has to be so strucured, and I have to count the calories in EVERYTHING. I havn’t picked a piece of food up and eaten it without thinking about this for the last two years, and I just wish I could live a bit more spontaniously. Has any one got any advice on this, or how many calories do most recovering anorexics eat in a day? x

  19. Aliyah

    heya there welcome to the site! im aliyah, and i know just how u feel! i have had anorexia for about 6 years and it is really hard to break that mindset but uno what does it? POSITVITY. wake up and tell urself i will eat what i want, no matter wats in it! life is for living and recovery is about discosvering the real you, not the anorexic you. Honestly the best advice is, to keep positive, eat with others, dont be alone, go for walks or watch tv or sumthing when u feel bad and remind urself, anorexia is slow suicide. throw away scales too, scales r for fish!

    you will see life is so much better without an obsession of calories. come see for urself… πŸ™‚

  20. Me, Myself & I

    Hey just came accross this site on a random google rade!!
    Was just wondering how the hell do you get your hair to grow back?? Lost over half of it and slightly recovering from the hole anorexia thing, im definitially fat now……you can grab flesh!!!!! ughgh!!! Anywhoo, so iv been eating a rediculous amount of protein (fish mainly) , takin naurkin, been eating spinish and takeing iron along with eating loads of bean sprouts (aparently they have silica which really helps). Is there something im missing!! Im defininitially eating loads (have a wierd addiction to fruit and veg, always eating them non stop, im talking 300 apples in two weeks along with numerous other fruit and vegies) If anyone has any advice it would be so helpful, the hole hair loss thing is making the depression worse. Gaining weight is one thing but having your hair fall out along with it is impossible to live with!!!
    Hope you all are doing well!!

  21. Aliyah

    me, myself & i- hey there hw u doing? diet wise, u need to make sure u eat not jus protein and lots if fruit n veg but lots of carbs too. i bet ur not fat!!! jus cause u can grab, doesnt mean ur fat, part of its skin too yano but yeah i wud say make ur diet is balanaced and im sure the hair loss will stop. honestly diet can fix a lot of things. have lots of nuts like almonds etc good for the hair.

    i wish u luck x

  22. kate

    Hi, I’m a college student recovering from anorexia. It started the summer before I started school; I wanted to get in shape and get fit. I was never really uncomfortable with my body type–I’d always been a little overweight for my frame (like 137 lbs at 5’4) but not anything unhealthy. I started counting calories and cut out mindless snacking. I also lost my appetite for sweets and dessert when I cut out nearly all carbs like bread and pasta. I lost weight and felt great at first but I kept on losing without trying. I think I was drastically overestimating the number of calories I was in-taking (try for like 1200) I saw a picture someone took of me at a party and didn’t even recognize myself- I still felt like the curvy girl I was inside. It was like looking at another person; I looked sick and gaunt. My lowest weight was about 95 lbs. I was tired all the time and felt like a 90 year old man whose knees would crack and pop every time I sat and got up. I decided I needed to gain weight pronto, like 20 lbs. I started eating chocolates and nuts and protein bars like they were going out of style. Followed by whole jars of peanut butter till I felt like I’d explode. Now I know this wasn’t healthy either, but I started to get my appetite back and wanted to eat everything in sight. Usually, the cravings would kick in at night and I’d spend all night eating, even staying awake till dawn just stuffing my face. Obviously I’ve put on weight–I’m about 132 currently. The problem is, the bingeing hasn’t stopped–nor has the avoiding rice and pasta and bread. The more I think about it, the more I’m afraid of relapsing. This causes me to eat more. But then I’m afraid of the weight gain at the same time. I have a hard time gauging when I’m hungry. Whenever there is nuts around or anything munch-able–even apples– I end up eating several servings. Before it was like my anorexia was me rationalizing my preventative action on obesity–now my out of control weight gain is my preventative action on anorexia. I dont know what to do. I can’t figure out how to eat normally. My body has fallen into a pattern where it wants food every 3 hours or so but is satisfied with a small amount until evening when I’m like a bottomless pit. I feel pressure in my abdomen (from food) but I still feel hungry for more. It’s almost as if the feeling of fullness, which I hadn’t felt for so long is a binge trigger in itself, causing me to eat more and more and more. I really need some advice on recovering from anorexia without feeling the compulsion to eat everything in sight. Please help!

  23. Kelly

    Hey, i am a college student recovering from anorxeia and bulima. I have had an eating disorder since i was in the 7th grade and now i am a freshman in college- so going on 6 years. thats scary to me and something that still burdens my mind. I am not full blow anorexic any more but i do skip meals or not eat at all occasiconly. I came to this site because i googled ( recovering from amorexia) because i feel like this is my demond that wont leave me alone and i just want to be free of thinking about being so thin. My lowest weight was 88 pounds and i am 5’1- it got to the point where my period stopped and i was always light headed. this diesase has controlled me for so long. One of my best friends right now is going through a eating disorder and i want to help her but the scary thing is that i am jealous of her and when i think about the weight she is- theres a part of me that wants to be back there. its sick and twisted and i should be worried for her and give her advice but instead im selfish and thinking about myself. if anyone has ne advice it would be great. thanks and i wish all of you who posted luck because i do understand where your coming from and i know how hard and what a long road to recovery is. god bless.

  24. charlotte

    Im 16 and weigh 50.6kg at 5’7” and i’ve had anorexia for at least a year now, and been seeing a doctor for about six months. I must have a really fast metabolism or something because over 5 months, eating 3000 calories a day i only gained 1.2kg. I then went on a school trip for a week, and lost it all. Amazingly they increased what i ate by an extra muffin a day, and then i gained all the weight id lost- in 10 days. It really scared me, and now i feel huge- even though my mum and others tell me im not. Im doing my best but people dont seem to realise, and i know my parents are so worried and upset. I really just want to get better but i cant see any way to get out of the mess im in. I eat everything im given, but constantly calorie count and think of how i could eat that little bit less.

    charlotte’s last blog post..By: Kelly

  25. charlotte

    Im 16 and weigh 50.6kg at 5’7” and i’ve had anorexia for at least a year now, and been seeing a doctor for about six months. I must have a really fast metabolism or something because over 5 months, eating 3000 calories a day i only gained 1.2kg. I then went on a school trip for a week, and lost it all. Amazingly they increased what i ate by an extra muffin a day, and then i gained all the weight id lost- in 10 days. It really scared me, and now i feel huge- even though my mum and others tell me im not. Im doing my best but people dont seem to realise, and i know my parents are so worried and upset. I really just want to get better but i cant see any way to get out of the mess im in. I eat everything im given, but constantly calorie count and think of how i could eat that little bit less. I really need help, but its made me feel that bit bettter hearing about how so many of you have made improvements and are getting better.

    charlotte’s last blog post..By: Kelly

  26. Aliyah

    charlotte- hey there πŸ™‚ ino how u feel dont worry u are not alone in ur thoughts. Well done on REgaining the weight u lost, all u did was regain weight, u didnt put on any weight , keep reminding urself that. secdonly, anorexia ruins the metabolism, the best way to let ur metabolism set and return to normal is to eat what ur give and all of it, and ur body will trust u agen and stay at a set weight and point. it happened to me, at first i regained loads and i got scared but i stayed at it, and it lessens.
    im so glad ur eating what ur given, that just shows anorexia whos th eboss!!! keep eating, and everything will fit into place. when u get a though counter it. so if it says, try to eat a bit less of that, say, why! im not fat, im healthy and beautiful and i want to eat so i will! u will not get fat . the body is an amazing thing.
    and anorexics always always overestimate their body size and think theyre bigger than they are, when theyre really not, and that conitnues even after they get to their ideal weights, after time it stop.s

    time is th ebest healer, i think ur really brave and amazing and ino how u feel. just post when u feel bad and out of control but never control ur food ok?


  27. charlotte

    im 17 and have had anorexia for the past year. im 5’5 and 97 pounds and have had issues with OCD and food all my life (especially in my teenage years). im terrified of putting on weight and i never purge but have wanted to after bingeing which i havent done in a while. ive been living on a liquid diet and eating once every four days and i keep getting told how dangerous this is in the long term,the more you do it the worse it is for your body and i know all that,but i just cannot imagine eating again,ive always been thin but i decided that being really really thin and losing weight was the one thing i could achieve,the one thing i can actually succeed in. every day and night unless im asleep is like being in a hell of anxiety and obsession and self hatred. ive always felt really awful about myself and had zero self esteem due to mainly issues with my father, family things etc. im so terrified all the time of what this disease could do to me and its destroying my mother but i cant imagine not doing it. i live in the hope that one day ill stop doing this to myself and somehow get better

  28. brittany

    I’m having a difficult time with the “Being open about food issues with other people.” I try, and there are a few people that I feel completely comfortable talking about my eating disorder with. However today I was at work, and one of my coworkers mentioned the fact that I used to run ten miles a day. Another girl asked if that’s how I stayed so skinny, and said she wanted to try that! I became highly embarrassed and just completely removed myself from the situation. My anorexia is still a major source of mortification for me; I fear letting anyone see any part of me that is less than perfect. I know this is ridiculous — no one is perfect. But I still have the urge to strive for that unattainable goal. I am working on it though!

  29. Pat Mc

    Hello Brittany!
    I’m not anorexic, but my daughter is and I’ve been by her side for the past six years as she has faced its challenges. I want you to know that one of the best things my daughter and I did was to approach her anorexia head-on with absolutely no thought of embarrissment. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and those who face this challenge need support and love. Everyone I’ve known with an eating disorder has been someone who is extemely intelligent, very gifted, and extremely loving and sensitive. What an amazing group! No one is perfect, TRUE! Believe that and give yourself a break from perfection… it just doesn’t exist in anyone.
    God bless you! If you need me I’m here!
    My daughter is currently on the upside of this whole thing… Every day is a new day! Smile and know you’re not alone!

  30. Maroru

    Hi ,there!
    I’m on recovery from anorexia ,it is really hard !!!!
    it is not just eat and you’ll be fine …it is more than that.
    But what i have noticed is that if for someone in recovery is it normal to think in food all the time? i but mean, no like 24/,but really quite often than before.

  31. Aliyah

    shiran- welcome. i had anorexia for a long long time, and bulimia, and ino how hard it is to take that first step. but really what u need to say is, what do i gain from starving myself? the answer is nothing, and starving ur body is slow suicide. there are so many long term and short term risks, u can get from starvation, ur body doesnt deserve it. theres a better life out there, that involves enjoying food. im sure u want to be part of it.
    have u thought about counceling or going to a doctor?

    maroru- welcome! im aliyah, had eating disorders years aand years and recovery is the best thing u will ever do. u will gain back ur life and learn a lot about urself.and yeah it is normal to think about food a lot, because ur actually eating it now, and that can be quite strange to ur mind and body, it will get less . i used to just look foward to meals all the time, and eating and think about it, but it will calm down!

    all the best x

  32. shiran

    thanks aliyah for answering.
    i also would wanna ask u what would u say was the best thing and most affective thing that caused u to get better??
    was it therapy? friends? yourself?
    i really wanna get better already this is going on already for 4 years and it is really ruining my self being and my social life .

  33. maroru

    I’ve noticed some side effects of anorexia in my body…for instance, my period was reduce to the minimun like day and half and that’s about it (at least i still have it ) , i am cold all the time …winter was a nightmare for me,when before i enjoyed it .My hair falls in chunks ,whether i am taking a shower or not, i have to take supplements like no other… and i actually have to take ensure plus to make gain weight . What the wake up called was , it was that one day as many others i weight myself and the number i saw on the scale was less than 90lbs(40 kilos) it just scared me .It was the lowest i ever been in my entire life ,the lowest and the scariest !!! since i am 5’2” and 32 yrs. old !!!!
    i asked myself how low are you willing to go? and what for? IT DOES NOT WORTH IT !!!!! .
    I am (still) size OO !!!! .
    i can not shop at my favorite store anymore ,because happens they do not carry size OO ,the lowest is size O and i am still too small to fit that size.IT IS NOT WORTH !!!,whether you shop here or there doesn’t matter .
    I am not saying is easy and i have had many relapses ,but i do believe is part of the recovery process ,as long as you realize what it is right and wrong . i’ve been in recovery since Febraury this year or late Janaury and i do have more freedom . I think everybody needs a wake up call and mine happened just in time,because weighting lower than i did at the time i don’t know where i would be right now !!!! or in what conditions !!!!!.
    good luck everybody !!!

  34. Alex

    Hey. Im 14 and have struggled with anorexia this past year.
    I have nearly recovered though and am so much more talkative and happy now. I am still a bit underweight but much much better than i was before. It has been a rollercoster ride but im so happy i was caught in time.
    I realised that if i kept doing this to myself, I wouldn’t be able to go to school and see my friends again.
    Luckily I didn’t have to go to hospital and was to recover at home with the help from my family.
    My sister had the same eating disorder which was also a part of how i got ill as I compared myself to her when she was ill.
    I have never seen myself as ‘fat’ but I just wanted to get thinner and thinner as i thought it was pretty, but it wasn’t.
    I wasn’t able to eat or talk around people but now i can and I love it!:)

  35. Chloe

    Hello to everyone hope its going well for u all! 18 and recovering from anorexia and bulimia (all though that aint going to well cus im doing exams and its so stressful). Been suffering from an eating disorder since bout 13. Finding it so hard cus im just a healthy weight but it kills me to look in the mirror. My clothes that used to be loose on me are now snug but I can still wear them perfectly. Recently I have felt like im on the verge of a relaps cus i just keep looking at my legs and seeing a cow! I know thats what comes with this hole anorexia milarky but its just a pain in the ass and I just need to vent a little! Actuall speaking of a pain in the ass, my ass bones used to hurt me whenever I sat down and it doesnt anymore. I know thats a good thing but the scary thing is I miss it. I miss by bones hitting of things and I miss struggling to walk up the stairs. The scariest of them all is i miss going to bed feeling like I have a heart attack. I used to go to bed with fear and Its totally not normal for me to miss that! Much happier tho I suppose but that might be due to the meds iv been put on! Anyone ever feel these disturbing things?? Again just need to vent!!

    Just wanted to say to maroru that I suffered from severe hair loss. Chunks would be in my hand if i so much as touched my head. In the end I couldn’t hack it anymore and ended up cutting most of my hair off with a nail scissors when I was on holliday!! I now weigh 110ib and my hair doesn’t fall out anymore. Actually it prob stopped once i hit 104ib. Was on naurkin for ages but I think the thing that helped the most was eating protein (since i was living on fruit and vedge) and giving up bullimia! It might come back since iv been getting sick recently but ill prob be able to quit again once my exams are over. Anywho my point is the more protein u eat the less it will fall out. Mine is still pretty thin but again more due to the bullimia than anything else so if you focus on protein it should really help. Try the naurkin range as well actually. They have shampoo, conditioner, scalp lotion and suppluments. Good luck!!

    Also wanted to say to Alex. So proud that you never found yourself fat. Thats a big step. You seem really focused and that should get you better much faster so that their will be no long term effects. Good luck aswel!

    x x x

  36. Chloe

    Ooooo just wanted to say also that pat mc has such a good point!! Telling people does make it so much easier. Should prob take some of my own advice here but I have been kinda secret about my weight feeling which could be whats causing the relaps. Anywho my point is being open and honest about it is prob the only way to get better. Otherwise ur head just seems t go against you and drive u nuts.

    Good luck again to everyone!

    x x

  37. shiran

    hi everyone!
    i also feel my hair falling out and getting thinner, r there any vitamins or such kinda stuff that wont make me gain weight that i could take that will help the hair problem??

    i was wandering also if there r any eating dissorder teens that would wanna b in contact through e mail???

    have a gr8 day!!!

  38. shiran

    hey i also forgot i wanted to know if anyone was put on Zoloft for dealing with the eating disorder??
    i am on it and i am scared it will cause weight gain. does anyone know of any side affects that it has???

  39. Chloe

    Hey shiran, I no its something ur not gonna want to here but ur gonna hav to gain a bit of weight to get ur hair back. I suffered severe hair loss and let it go to far so if u focus on eating protein with a small bit of low GI carbs it will have a significant effect on ur hair. I promise u tho that it wont cause u to gain much weight.

    Good luck!

  40. Aliyah

    shiran- for me, my motivation to get better was, really that i wanted to be happy, and i was sick of living how i was, in misery and hungry and thin and i wanted a life , and to go to uni and fo my degree and enjoy life and food. i think each personsmotvation will be different, but just think of what u truely want in life, and recover. its along journey but worth it. ur gna have to REgain weight back, dont see it as gain just as regaining, cause that is what it essentially is.

    my email is
    feel free to email me, im always happy to chat x

  41. maroru

    Hi , everyone !!
    i just want to make some recommendations that i have done or am doing right now…
    First , i take (like i said before) supplements and vitamins such as: Postasium, Acid Folic, Complex B, Centrum , Vitamin C ,papaya enzime
    I do eat wheat bread , oatmeal cereal (Cherrios), lots of dairy foods ,since my nails got them bristle and fragile .
    Also, i’d like to make a book recommendations and this is something i recently read is named LIFE WITHOUT ED by Jenni Scheffer . If you have not read it ,you must !!!!! .if you had , you’re gonna agree with me that this is a helpful book …you gonna love it !!! this girl went throught the hells of Anorexia and bulimia . As someone going throught a recovery from ED , believe me ,you gonna see yourself in her story. Beautiful book, the chapters are short so don’t worry if you’re mind start to wander around .
    so, that’s my contribution hope you like it πŸ™‚

  42. maroru

    By realizing i wanted to get away from my ED i can tell you guys that now i feel more free than before !!!!! imagine that !!! now if i feel like having a cookie or two i am gonna have it (them). As long as you eat healthy you also can have you treats from time to time …and it is not necesary that it has to be on a Saturday or Sunday or anything particular day of the week or weather …if i feel like having a cookie today i am gonna have it…is that sweet?

  43. maroru

    And i forgot to tell you that in order to regain a healthy wieght you should drink either ENSURE PLUS or BOOST PLUS …they will help you in a healthy weight to get back on track …i’ve been having ensure plus and it helps !!! gives you more energy !!! and they taste pretty good …vanilla and strawberry my favorites πŸ™‚

  44. Lindsay

    Hi. My name is Lindsay and i have been a suffering anorexic for about a year and a half. I want everyone to know that this is the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome in my life, it has unfortunatly almost beaten me to death. I am 5’6 1/2 and i currently weigh 85 lbs. I have sought out treatment before ( Day Hospital Program) but i found it was not enough supervision and support for me, so i left. I am a severe anorexic aswell as bulemic. It is sad but true, that my doctor told me just recenly that because of my complaint of not being able to digest food ( it just comes up) he thinks that i have done permanant dammage to my esophageus. Because Day treatment did not work for me, the next option is inpatient treatment, where they keep a watch on you and you live in the hospital for about 2 months untill you are stepped down to the day program they have available there. Since i last left the day program I was 110 lbs, now i have been waiting for approx 5-6 months to get into inpatient treatment and i am now down in the mid eighties. I am so frustrated because i am basicly waiting to die, or waiting to live. They said i have abut 2 wks left untill I will be admitted, but who knows, yesterday the doctor called my house and told me that my potassium was so low im at a huge risk for a heart attack and i need to consistantly take my potassium pills, the problem is i can hardly digest anything, so even when i do take my pills, depending on what im doing, if i bend over, they will just come right back up (undigested), and the noise in my stomach is awfull, just awfull. I wanted to say all these things because I hope someone can relate to what im going through, there are MANY reasons why i have developed anorexia and bulemia to this level, but i understand and acknowledge that I have a problem and i WANT to gain the weight that i need to. I also love exercising. This is a problem aswell, because i am too week now to do anything i can not work out, and one of my goals is when i am better, to put on a good amount of muscle with a healthy diet, but i just have so many doubts as to if i will ever be able to do this, or any of the things (goals) that i have in my life. Please feel free to comment. I talk a lot, but because there is so little for me to do now, most of my days consist of thinking.

  45. aliyah

    lindsay- wow im so sorry to hear about everything. recovery is possible, and ur not gaining weight, your regaining your life back.
    i hope u get intro treatment soon, and motivate urself to get better. theres a much better life out there without an ed.
    I had anorexia and bulimia for many years and i found recovery very very hard but it can be done πŸ™‚

    and you can do it too, xx

  46. Feeling helpless

    Im trying to recover from anorexia/bulimia. Its extremely difficult for me because I am not infact under weight, so every once in a while I reason with myself that I could stand to lose a few more pounds. When I look at my body I just see fat ontop of fat. In 4 months I went from 200 lbs to 155 (Im 5’9″) and I feel like Im not at the weight I want yet but I dont want to be like this anymore. I dont want to throw up, obsess and spend hours at the gym. I dont know what to do. I dont know how to be healthy becasue healthy makes me think I am going to get fat again…Im also under the constant temptation to go on pro-ana sites…Do you have any resources? Tips? Im at a loss and I cant live like this anymore!

  47. aliyah

    u did the right thing by deciding to do something about it. the good news is that u can get rid of this , and be a happier and healthier person.
    right now ur split , u want to get better, yet part of u screams out to lose weight and not eat.
    u shud go to a doctor, and say how u feel, they can get u profesional help, and those people will support u, plus they have the resources, to help properly.
    u wnt get fat, ur body is suffering.

    dnt go on pro ana sights and write down, what u want to gain from recovery. also remember, if u deprive ur body of food, ur emotions and mood will be all over the place. feelings are not facts, u have to stay strong and not give into a voice xxx

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