15 years, 15 stories, 6 words

fifteen really short stories that have crossed my path in fifteen years of counselling:

  1. depressed, manic. manic, depressed. depressed, manic.
  2. marry you? you gotta be kidding.
  3. have anxiety, will not travel. help!
  4. too thin. better eat. that’s hard.
  5. “can’t think straight.” “relax.” “oh, wow!”
  6. booze, cocaine and needles? that’s over.
  7. drank all day. joined AA. recovered.
  8. felt crazy. psych hospital. crazier yet!
  9. “i laugh too much!” “thatta problem?”
  10. mom can’t remember my name. sad.
  11. ouch! can you help me? sure.
  12. dentists scared me. shrink helped me.
  13. wedding cake, kids, debt, divorce, freedom.
  14. pink elephants, hear voices? me, too.
  15. found higher power. feel better now.

actually, there’s more than 15 but seeing that today is the 15th and i have 15 years of counselling under my belt, i thought that would be a good number.

what’s all this about? through my contacts at LinkedIn, i met video storyteller director tom, who pointed me to this short short story contest at middlezonemusings. the idea is to tell a story in six words.

so i cobbled together some stories. the words are brief. the stories themselves, what really happened – some of them are pretty long. you fill in the blanks.

you got any stories? send them. (and don’t forget about the free lunch!)

isabella mori
counselling in vancouver

p.s. let’s see what other bloggers come up with. i’m tagging nickie’s nook, whitterer on autism, lion and magic boy, carol sill, tina , d.p. at ripple of hope, and jay sennett.

27 thoughts on “15 years, 15 stories, 6 words

  1. Robert Hruzek


    Thanks for the entries and your participation, and special thanks for tagging others with it. You’re a peach!

    And congratulations on the 15-year pin!

  2. Ellen Weber

    Great site Isabella, I was thrilled to find your site – since I too am from Canada. Did my PhD at UBC in fact and I too work with change. Go figure:-)

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  4. mcewen

    What do I do with it when I have it – post it here, post it on my own blog and thoroughly confuse everyone including myself?
    Cheers dearies

  5. isabella mori

    mcewen – well, the contest itself is at middlezonemusings. however, before you post there, you may want to read this post.

    so. you can post it here, post it there, post it everywhere. on your blog. in your diary. as graffiti on your post office. on the back of your business card. as your email tagline.

    geez. this could become ANOTHER meme!!!

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  8. jael

    I wanted to congratulate you on 15 years of counselling! So, congratulations, Isabella! I’ve only known you for about seven or eight years, i think. could even be less.

    helping others helps you helps everyone

    i am so sure that is not original, but i don’t know who to give credit to.



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