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speed, mania and depression

fast, even “manic” thinking makes us happy, according to emily pronin and daniel wegner of harvard and princeton universities. they conducted a study where they had people read neutral, positive and negative statements at varying speeds.

the researchers found that no matter whether these statements were positive, neutral or negative, after reading at a faster pace – more than twice the normal reading rate – people felt more energetic, happier, more Continue reading

canaries in the soul

(this is a reprint of an article in my old blog)

in healing the soul in the age of the brain, psychiatrist elio frattaroli states

the hippocratic oath says simply “i will follow that system or regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, i consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous.” there’s nothing in the oath about relieving suffering because hippocrates understood that suffering may be a necessary part of the healing process.

frattaroli talks a lot about certain types of emotional challenges being signals to wake up to Continue reading

september newsletter pt 3: fireside chats

(update on september 24, 2007: i’m sorry to say that sacred space has closed its doors.  but it sure was fun while it lasted!)

most wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm i facilitate a salon-type “fireside chat” at sacred space, a beautiful boutique/bookstore across from tinseltown in vancouver. they are friendly, relaxed conversations. once a month we have a guest. this month it will be anne baird.
so these are the topics for our fireside chats at sacred space for the next few weeks.

wednesday, september 27:
blessing food

wednesday, october 4:
artist anne baird tells the moving story of how she became inspired to create her beautiful goddess greeting cards

wednesday, october 11:
childhood memories

wednesday, october 25:

september newsletter pt 3: blogging in vancouver


isabella mori’s september newsletter – article 3

(this is part 3 of my september newsletter)
blogging in vancouver

if you’re curious about blogging in vancouver, join us at our next bloggers meeting on october 18 at century house on richard street (check the link for more info).

we had lots of fun last wednesday, talking about all kinds of interesting things, from religion to yiddish to olive oil. oh yes, and about blogging, too.

september newsletter pt 2: mental health voices

isabella mori’s september newsletter – post 2

(this is part 2 of my september newsletter – go here for part 1)

mental health voices – october 4

i’ve been part of the board of the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch) for a little over a year now.

the work of this organization is quite dear to my heart. the cmha assists people with mental health issues in a way that is respectful and effective. for example, their employment program has developed best-practices methods that have become known all over canada.

in october, we’ll be hosting a breakfast. it’ll be a quick one-hour affair at the sheraton wall centre, designed in such a way as to inspire people without intruding on their schedule.

while donations are, of course, welcome, there is absolutely no expectation regarding that – it’s really mostly about building
relationships with people for whom mental health is important.

would you be interested in joining me for the breakfast?

if so, please email me at moritherapy at shaw dot ca.

september newsletter pt 1: see and be seen

this is an excerpt of the newsletter i send to my friends, clients and business associates once a month. it’s done with if you would like to subscribe, email me at moritherapy at shaw dot ca.

to make it easier to read, i’ll post it in four posts:

post 1 – thoughts for today: see and be seen. about personal freedom and visibility

post 2 – an invitation to participate in mental health voices, a breakfast by the canadian mental health association

post 3 – blogging in vancouver

post 4 – schedule of fireside chats at sacred space. fireside chats are friendly weekly salon-type conversations at sacred space, right across from tinseltown in vancouver. it’s free – come one, come all!


isabella mori’s september newsletter – post 1 ======================================================================

thoughts for today:

see and be seen

mystery writer robert b. parker is the topic of one of my recent blog entries.

his books often occur on a number of levels. one of these levels almost always seems to be about long-term relationships; more specifically, Continue reading