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… and for some more irrelevant research on eating disorders

i never cease to be amazed at the naivety (or – it wouldn’t be arrogance?) of some researchers in the social sciences. do they really never talk to the people who they research?

why am i telling you this? well, the good people at the national institute of health have amazing news for us! apparently – are you sitting down? – a significant amount of binge eating occurs at restaurants.


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art that makes a difference

i’m dedicating november to the arts. for example, all the fireside chats this month will be about art that made a difference in our lives.

so, readers, let’s hear it from you!

tell me about works of art that made a difference in your life.

is there a book that you want the whole world to read?
a movie that changed your life?
a piece of music that makes your heart swell every time you hear it?
a special play?
some other creative work that you can’t forget?

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in the flow

(this is an article from my most recent newsletter)

you’re sitting at your favourite coffee shop with your best friend, planning a trip down the coast. the conversation is lively. every time you come up with yet another idea of what to do, your friend knows exactly what you mean and spins it further. your face is radiant, your gestures animated, you are fully present. you are in the flow.

isn’t this how we want to live our whole life? fully present, fully alive in every activity throughout the day?

or do you think it’s unrealistic to desire that?

i believe living like that is our birthright. granted, just like with any other rights, we might have to work for years at claiming this birthright (remember nelson mandela).

but think of the rewards! think of the freedom that mandela finally claimed, not just for himself but for a whole nation, and in many ways, for the whole world.

we can be like that in our world, in our sphere of influence. we can claim the birthright of being in the flow, like a child completely lost in play, like an artist totally absolved in her sculpture, like a marathon runner being nowhere else but in his body. like mandela, we might have to pour a lot of energy into it – but think of the reward: the freedom, the radiance!

isabella mori
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making lives better: inspiration

today i want to tell you about some of the inspiring videos i’ve seen on youtube lately. all three very different – except for the fact that they really moved me.

this is quite old. it’s TV satirist’s jon stewart’s first speech after 9/11. i dare you to watch it without tears in your eyes!

next comes the free hugs campaign that my friend bonnie alerted me to. talk about someone who makes lives better! more on the free hugs campaign here.

lastly, one of my musical heroes, bobby mcferrin. in this video, he is conducting one of his workshops where he and the workshop participants sing a beautiful rendition of gounod’s ave maria.


isabella mori
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a post for pam

the other day i went to a party at my friend bonnie’s place. with me being there, of course at one point the talk turned to the internet. one of the lovely guests, pam, mentioned that everyone in her family comes up with something when they google their names – but not she!

i said i’d remedy that and mention her name in my blog. so here’s to you, pamela susan isabel toppings! Continue reading

the story of the two hungry wolves

here is a wonderful native parable that i first came across in ted kuntz’s beautiful book, peace begins with me.

a grandfather and grandson were walking through the forest one winter evening. from far away, they heard the wolves howl.

“hungry wolves!” said the grandson.

“yes, just like the ones inside us,” said the grandfather.

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i just realized that i haven’t mentioned hugo schwyzer’s blog in ages! well, it’s about time to see what he has to say.

hugo is one of my blogging heroes. his posts are always interesting, insightful, well-balanced, well-thought-out.

and i love how he is not afraid to jump with both feet into the battle between some of the more forceful representatives of feminism on the one hand and the men’s movement on the other. splash! i have this image of him bouncing around, with a happy/mischievous grin, like a little kid in a big puddle …

his most recent entry is about righteous anger. righteous (rightful?) anger has an important place. anger is an emotion full of energy which, when Continue reading

hair test for eating disorders: scientific triumph or an orwellian nightmare?

according to new research, a hair test can now show whether someone has anorexia or bulimia. another scientific triumph!

supposedly, this is useful because “diagnosing eating disorders is often hampered because of patient resistance”.

whenever i hear the phrase “patient resistance”, my, um, hair Continue reading