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carnival of eating disorders #4

welcome to this month’s carnival of eating disorders, where we look at blogs that help us understand the various forms of eating disorders, and point ways to recovery.


this time around, the biggest category is on overeating. we have marsha hudnall who discusses a finding that has been making the rounds lately: binge eating overtakes other eating disorders posted at a weight lifted.

surveys show at least 1/3 of women who seek weight loss are binge eaters. many of these women think they’re alone in their problem. they don’t realize that many other women are binge eaters, too. that simple realization can be a huge step forward.

lorraine roach talks about anxiety eating in her article weight adds up at coping with anxiety. she recommends journal writing as a tool – certainly something that i, too, find to be very helpful with my clients.

at north star mental fitness blog, hal sommerschield, ph.d. discusses what he calls “adult pacifiers”. he argues that food is an adult pacifier that some use to deal with a feeling of emptiness.

people are empty, when they are alienated from their higher power. people are empty, when they violate their values. people are empty, when they have not learned how to take care of themselves. Continue reading

granny post number 4: waiting, waiting

if you’ve been following our story on twitter, you’ll know that my daughter’s baby still hasn’t arrived. we’re all in some sort of suspended state right now. she started labour 55 (fifty-five!!!!) hours ago. now, all of a sudden, no labour! grrrr! (but i’m grateful that we all got some sleep)

so i figured i’ll post some random stories/observations:

… really being aware of what community means. my friends from the vancouver bloggers meetup have sent all kinds of well-wishes. my daughter is surrounded by support people, including flora, a lovely student from the doula school at the university of british columbia. it takes a village to birth a child.

… the desire of all of us to contribute to my daughter’s, her partner’s and the baby’s well-being. heart-warming.

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juice, choice and buddhism

we drink a lot of juice at my house. usually i buy it; this time my husband did. we have different taste in juice. i like straight orange juice; he and our daughter prefer a little more variety.

so husband buys four packs of juice and puts them in the pantry. then, this morning, reaching into the pantry to get my juice for breakfast, i was hit with all these choices!

my hand stopped in mid air. ok, now what? hm. what do we have here? naw, i don’t like “fruit plus”. tropical? not really. mango tangerine? yeah, that’s ok. i guess.

was that enough information to make a decision? no. now i thought, should i open the mango tangerine first because i like it the best? or should i keep it for later, rewarding myself for first finishing the ones that i don’t like so much? why did husband buy them anyway?

and my mind spun a little more …

then it hit me: what a good example of what buddhists Continue reading

kind acts and open hearts

“kind thoughts are nice but what we need is kind acts”

this is one of brock tully’s phrases that are still with me after attending the one of a kind stories event yesterday. twelve speakers shared their stories, truly from the heart – twelve courageous people who are making kindness happen, right now, right here.

here are a few delicious “bites” from this heart-warming smorgasbord:

brock tully, the man behind all of this: “the main thing is that we share so that we don’t suffer in silence”

kim depape, a former drug user who talked about some very difficult Continue reading

world water day: making the right decisions

today is is world water day. in reading about it, i found that since 2000, canada has held the dubious record to be the only country at world water forums to vote against a UN resolution to promote the right to water, stating: “canada does not accept that there is a right to drinking water and sanitation.”

like chris tindal, i did a double take when i read that, and immediately started googling around to find disconfirmation of that statement.

nope. nothing. that’s exactly what they said. to top it off, at the same time, canada is happily privatizing our precious water resources.

water, light and air are the basic elements that create and sustain all life forms. what good are any other rights if a person cannot be assured that they will have access to water? what makes a government so shortsighted to deny such a very basic right?

whatever the reasons are, they are rooted in politics. and politics, ultimately, is rooted in human nature.

what is it in human nature that prompts us to make such shortsighted, bizarre choices? what Continue reading

more inspiration from dr. seuss: no one is youer than you

today you are you, that is truer than true. there is no one alive who is youer than you.

that’s a quote from dr. seuss’s book, happy birthday to you. (as some of you know, i’m a big dr. seuss fan.)

but why only say that on a birthday? and – oh, here is an idea: isn’t every day a birth-day? isn’t every day a day where we are birthed anew, another chance to really live life?

so, my dear reader –

yes, YOU!

today you are you. there’s no one alive who is youer than you.

just take a moment to think about it. Continue reading