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malesque: (non)categorizing gender

this is another post by alex green, my lovely young assistant. it’s great to work with people whose minds are fresh and agile! here, alex picks up the thread from the post on international women’s day, where the term “male-esque” made an appearance.

what does “male-esque” mean?

to define male-esque is going against Continue reading

wheel of life: the rounder, the better

once again, i’m fulfilling frances’ monday mission. today, the idea is to post a blog using graphics and less than 100 words.


imagine your life as a wheel. each spoke represents how satisfied you are with that particular aspect. the fuller and more rounded, the better your life. it could look like this:


or like this:


want to know what your wheel looks like? try this “wheel and go” report. if you want to, i’ll give you free feedback on it.

let the wheels roll right!

(p.s. a month later: wow, this has been quite a successful post! lots of people sending in their wheels. and since, in describing their wheels in more detail, some people talk about dealing with the housework and clutter in their lives, let me link to this post about housework at woman, honor thyself for her, ehem, free-wheeling weekend link fest)

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metta. and that includes the internet.

this is my version of metta for today, the buddhist blessing of lovingkindness. i extend it, keeping in mind how much the internet is part of my community.

  • may i be happy, healthy, peaceful and free.
  • may my family be happy, healthy, peaceful and free. ray, for one.
  • may my close friends be happy, healthy, peaceful and free. monica, for one.
  • may my blogging friends be happy, healthy, peaceful and free. nickie, for one.
  • may my business associates be happy, healthy, peaceful and free. robert, for one.
  • may my twitter friends be happy, healthy, peaceful and free. raymond, for one.
  • may everyone who comes to my blog be happy, healthy, peaceful and free. neleema, for one.
  • may everyone who goes Continue reading

granny post #2: creating new connections

here is what i reported on twitter today:

my daughter’s baby shower. big belly. lotza family. food everywhere!!!! and homemade wine. afterwards: canasta, hysterical laughter.

but maybe i’ll expand on that a bit here?

so this is granny post #2 (granny post #1 is here). am i used to this granny role yet? i’m not sure. one of the changes i’ve noticed, though, is that as soon as my daughter moved out to live with her boyfriend, my attitude towards her changed. i’ve turned from loving-but-no-nonsense to loving-and-solicitous, from, “hey! pick up your socks!” to, “are you comfortable? can i get you some more tea?”

it was great to Continue reading

from solving problems to creating results: 5 benefits

running into patricia lambert today at our monthly SWAN meeting, i peeked at her web site, where i saw a reference to “the problem of problem solving”. i’ve been wanting to write about this for quite a while; thanks, patricia, for giving me the impetus!

in the path of least resistance, robert fritz offers this diagram:

a problem
leads to
leads to
less intensity
leads to
less action
leads to
the problem remaining

this is a picture observed by many health Continue reading

jungle morning: a poem


brilliant short tendrils
come out of a night
full of noises and
dripping and
busy spiders,
gleaming in the first
sun that yawns
its way
past barely open pods of
rainbow orchids,
preparing to meander on the ground,
up a tree,
through dead leaves
towards a light
that is just too far away.

look! a beetle.
brown, green and blue:
its trembling wings.

after depression: what will be different?

i was just thumbing through one of my favourite books on therapy, escape from babel, and came across a set of questions asked of a person who is struggling with depression (interestingly, just as i found in my little research piece, the depression here is described as a “black cloud”):

  • what would be different if the black cloud lifted?
  • what would be the smallest sign that the black cloud was lifting?
  • what would be the first sign?
  • when you no longer had to spend so much tome struggling with the black cloud, what would you be doing more of instead?
  • who would be the first person to notice you had won the battle with the black cloud?
  • what would that person notice different about you that would tell him or her that the battle was finally won?
  • where do you suppose you would be when you first noticed the changes?
  • what will have happened just before that would have contributed to the change?
  • what will happen after that would help maintain it?

those among you who have experience with depression – what do you think of these questions? are they helpful? how?

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