9 small ways to feed your spirit

most people i know want to have a stronger spiritual life. somehow it seems difficult to do that, though, because there are so many things that distract us. then you find yourself in the bathroom brushing your teeth, dead tired, and the though flits through your mind, “drat, another day when i didn’t meditate”.

if we want to have a stronger spiritual life, we need to feed it. makes sense, right? for many, 20-60 minute daily meditations just seems like preparing a huge feast. if that’s so difficult, why not start with a few easy snacks?

so here are 9 small ways to feed your spirit on a daily basis:

  1. pay attention to your breathing during one small daily activity – shaving, perhaps, or preparing your lunch
  2. make a mental or written list of three things for which you are grateful. if you can’t think of anything, start with the essentials – shoes, a roof over your head, living in a city with a low crime rate …
  3. think of someone who is not well and send her or him thoughts of happiness and well-being
  4. just for a minute or two, pay loving attention to a houseplant
  5. play with your pet, feeling the life force that connects you with him or her
  6. call a friend and tell a joke that you know will make her or him laugh
  7. write out a one-line prayer on a little piece of paper and stick it in your wallet
  8. send a quick email to someone, just telling them how much you appreciate them
  9. dedicate a little object to your spirit and carry it around with you wherever you go, knowing that every time you touch it, you connect with spirit

that’s a start. why don’t you comment on what works for you?

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12 thoughts on “9 small ways to feed your spirit

  1. Sydney

    Paying careful attention to the moon – what phase it’s in and what energies it provides at any given time works well for me. The moon is so beautiful this morning – full looking – although it’s now two days on the wane. Looking at this gorgeous moon certainly fuels up my reserves.

  2. ashok

    Hi – this is off-topic, I know, but I wanted to thank you (I assume it’s you) for leaving a comment on the Wittgenstein post. That essay was a lot of work for a girl I loved very much, and it feels good that others are getting something out of it.

    If you’re curious about my work generally, here’s some shameless self-promotion. If you’d like my blog to link back to you, ask and you shall receive.

    Thanks again.

  3. mcewen

    Bad list – 9 things is too many to fit on the back of my hand written in sharpie pen [where else can I write important things!]
    Looks like I’ll have to travel up my wrist and under the sleeve. Tattooing my forehead is another option of course, but I’d need to find a mirror and learn to write backwards first.

  4. isabella mori

    oh, mcewen, this is funny! and you know, you’re so right – it is so damn hard to remember all the good stuff. reminds me of a few years ago, i had this horrible attack of fear of flying on the way back from london, and the buddhist idea that “all is illusion”, which often comforts me and is usually quite present in my mind, was completely and utterly forgotten.

    so, yeah, what to do. perhaps you could tattoo them all onto your forearm, real small, and always carry a magnifying glass around your neck?

    it should be doable. i once had a philosophy exam for which we were allowed to bring one page of notes. i wrote a whole paper onto it, complete with references. didn’t even use a magnifying glass.

  5. mcewen

    Hmm, clean of the bifocals or invest a in a telescope! It’s a challenge. Maybe I’ll just go for the crystal ball instead.

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  7. Liara Covert

    You kindly remind people that it is the simple choices they make that influence their mindset and outlook on life at a given moment. It is an uplifting post.

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