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the other day i went to a party at my friend bonnie’s place. with me being there, of course at one point the talk turned to the internet. one of the lovely guests, pam, mentioned that everyone in her family comes up with something when they google their names – but not she!

i said i’d remedy that and mention her name in my blog. so here’s to you, pamela susan isabel toppings! (that’s pam toppings for short, i guess?)

what’s this got to do with the theme of my blog, i thought – but it didn’t take me long to realize that there is a very good connection.

making lives better, making better lives – that’s the motto of my practice. making lives better: that means not just limping along through our days but actually taking our lives into our own hands and making something really good out of it. enhancing our lives wherever it’s possible.

making better lives means that once we’ve enhanced our lives, often we naturally want to pass this on. our cup runneth over, and now we want help make other lives better, in whatever small and big, silly and serious ways.

so i keep my eyes peeled for opportunities to enhance other people’s lives. it doesn’t always work, mind you, and i have to take care not to turn into a busybody.

but sometimes a little opportunity comes dancing into the room and i think, hey, let’s grab it!

and you know, the reason why i like doing this is not so much because i’m such a wonderful person (well, i hope i’m some kind of wonderful but there’s also plenty of opportunities where i get to see that i’m not exactly perfect!)

it’s because it’s fun! putting pamela toppings’ name on the google map is fun. (maybe i’m the first of many to mention your name, pam? who knows?)

i hope that this fun-cup runneth over, too, and spills its happy contents onto you, dear readers, inspiring you to enhance your own and others’ lives.

have a happy week!

isabella mori
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6 thoughts on “a post for pam

  1. ruth

    If I google my own name, a whole bunch of stuff comes up related to what I used to do. I’d like to google a whole bunch of stuff about what I WILL do in the future, but who can do that? I also went to the party and met a whole bunch of people where were neat, thanks Isabella and the powers that be for allowing me to meet these people. I like to think I’m some kind of wonderful too, and thinking like that is helpful. I suppose we all are doing the best we can to be the best we can be and it’s interesting the different approaches to being the best we can be – can be. With regards.


  2. isabella mori

    your opportunity, ruth, is right here. tell us what you’ll be doing in the future, and in a little while we’ll be able to google it (it can take a little while for the seach engines to pick this up).

  3. Bonnie Wing

    Several weeks ago I noticed a co-worker reading a book. I interrupted her reading by telling her about a book I had just read and how it affected my life. While I was doing this, she closed her book, put it down and gave me complete attention. She acknowledged everything I told her and gave me an expectant look, allowing me to continue. I have no doubt the memory of her actions that day will stay with me forever. Her gesture had such impact, especially because this type of attention from a mere acquaintance is foreign to me.

    Yet I have done this same thing for others, especially those who appear to be in need somehow. I never dreamed it could affect them in the profound way I was affected. There are so many opportunities for a smile, a little attention, a little compliment, a little support – how much these gestures of kindness can improve lives. I urge everyone to do it.

    Isabella, I am so glad you were able to come to my party, and also so glad you brought Ruth. Both of you contributed immensely to the dynamics. We’ll do it again!


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  5. isabella mori

    bonnie, thanks for that lovely story! i wonder what stories other people have?

    one memory that i have was from 14 years ago. my husband and i were taking a little trip to port angeles. coming back, we went through the little town of sequim, where we had dinner. i will never forget the waiter there. he was so friendly and cheerful – but most of all, he made us feel as if showing up at his restaurant was the best thing that ever happened to him.

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