anorexia and sex

 a while ago, i wrote a blog entry about what sorts of keywords people like to google in connection with anorexia. i was surprised to see that the vast majority of keyword demands were not for how to recover from anorexia but for things like “anorexic nudes”, “anorexic porn”, etc.

and wouldn’t you know it, i see the same phenomenon when looking at my statistics. my blog gets quite a few visits from people who are looking for exactly these keywords. maybe you, the person who is reading this right now, are one of them.

i’d really like to know what this is all about. the researcher in me is curious – in people’s minds, what are the connections between sex and anorexia? what’s so alluring about looking at pictures of undressed or scantily clad thin people?

also, when people are looking for “anorexics”, are they looking for pictures of very thin people (like these) or skeletal ones (like this)? does it make a difference?

so i’ve put together a little survey. it’s not terribly scientific but understanding what this is all about could be a little piece of the big puzzle of the fascination people have with things and ideas that mainstream community sees as – what would the word be? unwholesome? unhealthy?

 … the sequel … a year later …

not only is the survey out (you can see the final results here) but it also turns out that someone is working on a TV documentary about it.  if you’d like to be part of that, click here.

35 thoughts on “anorexia and sex

  1. murali

    It is natural that one wants to see what is not easily available. It is the draw of the unknown factor, We uuaally get to see thin, plump, very plump and what not. But “anorexic” is very rare So,that is the attraction.

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  3. Danielle

    I have always wondered what anorexia exactly is, after seeing some pictures on the internet and other websites, it looks quite painful, they all hae piles of make-up on to hide there pail faces. I have always wanted to be skinnier, but never ever would i make my self twig thin like some people do.

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  5. Yurek

    The skeletal picture is actually disgusting and that’s where I draw the line, but the very thin model pictures is sexy. For me I think it’s more the fact that I’m 6’5″ and I like small skinny women. Not sure what it is psychologically, but I just seem to be attracted to them.

  6. Darksequence

    Hi bloggers,
    I can only tell you why I came here. Its easy, I like skinny girls and I know its kind a fetish but I don`t like anorexic girls and I mean really ill persons. They look kind a dead but in the cause of our super detailed internet I´m even searching for a Word describing a very more as an anorexic girl – ultra anorexic AND for what? to find a skinny girl.
    If I would type skinny girls in a search engine I`ll get fat and always 10kg too much looking girls. So my entry has to be more extrem as what I want for result. I am only looking for hardbodies…BUT ok in the media we are told that the BMI of 18 is anorexic OK anybody here who wants to tell the last womam winning olympic marathon that she is ill and not capable. Its all Bullsh…

  7. isabella mori

    interesting, darksequence. so what you’re saying is that there is a problem with how we use the word “anorexic.” i think you have an interesting point there.

    btw, you might be interested to know that many young athletes actually do experience symptoms similar to anorexia. see here and here

  8. Dude with a mission

    To elaborate on what “Darksequence” said,

    It is not that we (yes, I came based on a similar search) are looking for actual anorexics as displayed in the second image. Rather, this is a manifestation of the shifting baselines phenomenon. Human evolution has trained us males to seek out physically fit, youthful mates. That was, until the oncoming of communal, agricultural lifestyles, very straightforward. It meant someone who looks like a contemporary runner, cyclist, or swimmer. Once communal living began to assign non athletic roles to certain members, a variety of body types began to emerge in society and we were culturally programmed to believe various body types are attractive.

    This all was well and good until the food processing explosion of the 60’s and 70’s led to the state of the Western world today where ‘hideously obese’ is now the norm and people like myself who used to be called slightly plump (I’m 5’9″ and 180lbs) are constantly being hailed as bastions of fitness.

    I am a very liberal man but I think it is going way over board when we refuse to speak the truth about ourselves as a society lest it hurt our feelings. Instead of admitting we are fat, fatso, lardypants, we collectively convince ourselves that fat is normal and that athletic, fit people are ‘anorexic’.

    Then people like you try to convince people like me that we are somehow abnormal or perverted (using clever euphemisms) for being attracted to women who look like they might have a chance of running fast enough to escape to and ascend a tree when a lion charges.

    I’ll make a deal with you: instead of trying to convince me to beat my healthy, highly evolved preference for athletic women into submission in exchange for a chubby-chaser fettish, why don’t you just go on a diet and take up sport. Then we men will actually find you attractive without your needing to shame us into it.

    In exchange, we men won’t try to convince you that our hairy backs, rump cellulite, or jiggly belt hangovers are normal and sexy and that you should be attracted to them — wait, we don’t try to convince you of that. We allow you to worship Brad Pitt in peace (and rightly so) — without resorting to calling him anorexic and you a pervert.

    P.S. As for your suggestion on the other page that we are somehow bad for looking at pornography: consider that some of us men are deeply in love with the women in our lives and refuse to cheat on them yet are still, by DNA, members of a non-monogamous, hyper-sexual species.

  9. isabella mori

    i don’t see “hideously obese” is the norm. can you give an example? btw, how would you feel if i referred to very thin people as “hideously twig-like”?

    i’m not suggesting that people who like anorexic people are perverts, and i’m not using clever euphemisms. abnormal? only in the statistical sense.

    what makes you think i’m trying to convince you to beat your preference? the only problem i would have would be if you were to encourage a sexual partner to live a truly unhealthy life. it doesn’t sound like you would do that, since you want them to be able to run and climb trees (with those lions after them and all). someone who consistently eats less than 800 calories a day wouldn’t be able to do that.

    there’s a huge difference between being anorexic and being slim and healthy. why confound the two?

    oh, and please point out to me where i say you’re bad for looking at pornography.

  10. Dude with a mission

    This is an interesing discussion. I stand by my last post. I think “shifting baselines” is a good way to describe it. People aren’t really looking for anorexics, just healthy people. It is very true that the average person is much fatter in recent years. The number one cause of death in the US is now an obesity-related disease and many more diseases are close behind.

    “i don’t see “hideously obese” is the norm. can you give an example?”

    “About two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.[6]

    All adults: 133.6 million (66 percent)
    Women: 65 million (61.6 percent)
    Men: 68.3 million (70.5 percent)”

    “how would you feel if i referred to very thin people as “hideously twig-like”?”

    I would be fine with that, any issues I have with myself are in no way related to your opinion of me (though I am not ‘very thin’ by any stretch). And people DO have a choice when it comes to being fat or thin. I lost about 60 lbs. eight years ago and have kept it off. It is not beyond our control. It simply takes getting fed up with our situation and a significant lifestyle change. We also might consider forcing our politicians to act and institute zoning requirements so we are not being tempted by fast food with no alternative every block.

    People are now so used to seeing fat people that they have begun to call the chubby people thin and the thin/healthy people epithets e.g. “anorexic.” It seems pretty clear that porn marketers have picked up on this and labelled their content thusly.

    Rather than thinking of people searching for “anorexic porn” as deviating from sexual norms, why not study why society has collectively decided to give itself a free pass on health and shift its standard of what it means to be healthy. When I was in elementary school each class had “the chubby kid” and each school had “the fat kid.” Now each class still has “the chubby kid” but instead of being surrounded by thin kids, s/he is surrounded by fat kids.

    There probably is a subset of society that is into fantasising sexually about actual anorexics and starving Ethiopians (There are people representing nearly every perversion imaginable), but I suspect they represent only a small fraction of those search statistics you have gathered.

    You wrote in your response: “i’m not suggesting that people who like anorexic people are perverts”

    but you state above: “…things and ideas that mainstream community sees as – what would the word be? unwholesome? unhealthy?”

    It is presumptuous at best (junk science at worst) for you to make your statements based on an a conclusion that people searching those terms are in fact looking for actual anorexics. It is almost as if you badly want it to be the case in order for you to be able to claim that you were first to identify some new pattern or psychological phenomenon.

    The responsible way to investigate this would be to begin with a hypothesis stating simply that “*anorexic porn* searchers intend to receive results displaying images of actual anorexics engaged in sex acts.”

    You will likely disprove the hypotheses quickly and the topic will be null. But let’s assume that you prove the hypotheses. Your next step should be to identify whether the searchers of actual anorexics engaged in sexual activities are searching for said images to gratify sexual desires or if it the searches are based on curiosity about a topic they saw/read/heard.

    You seem to have taken it as red that the first two hypotheses have been proved. This is irresponsible.

    > “oh, and please point out to me where i say you’re bad for looking at pornography.”

    I’m not sure what I read before but I just had a quick look and found this:

    “As one thing that was almost absent was an understanding that the interest in these images is a type of objectification. it is, after all, a form of pornography. only one reader addressed that as an aside.”

    Now unless you plan to tell me that you intended to use “objectification” in a neutral or positive sense, you are implying that there is something objectively distasteful about the viewing of pornographic materials.

    I disagree. While there is certainly a large group of pornography subjects who do not wish to be involved in the industry, there are also healthy, self-confident individuals who are proud of the way they look and unashamed of their sexuality. The enormous volume of home-made amateur pornography testifies to that. If I am an exhibitionist and want to have others watch me engage in intimate acts — neither I, nor my gender, race, etc. is being “objectified” in any negative sense of the word. You cannot defend the statement that pornography is of itself “objectification” in the negative.


  11. Sherry

    This is a very interesting discussion. I am interested in it for several reasons. One, I had a serious eating disorder for years. Two, my natural, healthy weight is actually very slim, which I discovered after I stopped messing around with bulimia, etc. And three, I am a staunch anti-pornography feminist.

    Guys LOVE me thin, and usually make it very clear on the first or second date that any attraction to a woman requires that. For example, on an early date, a man I dated commented, “I feel confident that you won’t get fat because you’re almost 40 and haven’t thickened up yet, unlike my sister (makes a disgusted face) who’s put on 10 pounds.” Then he touched my hand affectionately. It felt like an ominous warning: want love? stay thin.

    One might think that because my natural body weight is low, I wouldn’t feel harassed by this. But that’s not the case. It’s part of a larger bundle of issues. As all women know, it’s not only thin that’s the requirement. There’s plenty in the subtext: many (most?) men like women who can and are willing to manipulate their bodies. Forcing one’s body to the “edge zone” in order to fulfill male desire indicates a woman’s malleability in other ways. When a man compliments me on (what he perceives as) my willingness to be thin, he’s also complimenting me on the other ways he imagines I will form myself to his desire.

    Conversely, I assert that attraction to “anorexic porn” or porn featuring extremely thin women stems from the same mindset. The women are attractive because of the extent to which they have pushed the boundaries of their health to fulfill a man’s fantasy.

    (An interesting test would be this: anorexic women and girls cannot tell when they are underweight–in the mirror, they see fat…..I wonder if men attracted to “anorexic porn” can accurately judge a woman to be underweight or unhealthy?)

  12. Roger

    i must say, this turned out to be just my researching the ‘anorexic porn’ niche so i can understand it better… this post is so much more…

    basically, as a pornographer, i’ve identified this niche as on the rise. i saw a competitor’s alexa stats and its visitorship goes up exponentially each month.

    either way, i hope the people who have this disorder seek help.. i will try my best to only showcase ‘really skinny’ girls, not ones who are obviously sickly-anorexic.

    Roger’s last blog post..Welcome to My Skinny, Teen and Thin Fetish Blog

  13. StormyWeather

    Hello Isabella,
    I found this by searching “thin nudes” not “anorexic nudes”…that said, I would like to chime in with my opinion as a male. First of all, anorexic is not sexy to me, its a turn off in fact.

    Thin and athletic women are sensual to me. Not anorexic skin haning on bones, but kate moss thin is appealing to me. Why? Hell, I dont know…why do some women like thin guys while others like muscular? I will tell you that to me, thin and athletic represents power and grace to me. As a former athlete and swimmer, grace is beautiful and sensual. I see thin and athletic women as being all that. Large breasts for example (which I suppose most american males find appealing…and women for that matter…look at the numbers of breast augmentation) are a huge turn off to me. I never really understood why women have them, unless its a treatment for a masectomy or a breast reduction.

    Another theory I have is that rarer beccomes more desirable. Its the same as anything in life, as, people become fatter and less athletic on the whole, thin women are rarer, and therefore more desirable to some.

    I cannot control what I believe is beautiful and sensual, no more than I could just will myself to be attracted to a male…as you know, the human brain is not wired that way.

  14. isabella mori

    @roger, i’m sorry it took me so long to react to your comment.

    thanks for endeavouring not to showcase women who are thin because they are sick. of course it’s hard to tell that from just looking.

    i do notice, though, that your site actively advertises anorexic women … ?

    thanks for pointing your readers to my study. it’s good for people to see various sides of an issue.

    @StormyWeather – you bring up an interesting point: “i cannot control what i believe is beautiful and sensual”. it would be interesting to find out how malleable these preferences actually are. i know that most fetishes are very ingrained and there is no point in trying to redirect someone. the same goes for preferences, which i’d say are at a level that is less deeply felt than fetishes. to what degree can they be changed? e.g., will i ever really like liquorice or opera? will my love affair with the internet ever stop?

    something to research. maybe i’ll post about that one of these days.

  15. Becca


    “i’d really like to know what this is all about. the researcher in me is curious – in people’s minds, what are the connections between sex and anorexia? what’s so alluring about looking at pictures of undressed or scantily clad thin people?”

    I have recently discovered that my girlfriend of three years is anorexic. It has been the hardest thing to come to terms with.

    Our sex life died about a year into our relationship. I now know after some extensive reading that one symptom of the psychological and chemical state of a person in the thrawls of anorexia nervosa is a loss of sexual motivation.

    This stems in part from their need to control their body in every way as anorexia is often accompanied by a distorted self image which my girlfriend displays strongly.

    I googled “anorexia and sex” and found this page.

    I think that looking for pornographic material of the nature you describe is a vile prospect. It involves human suffering and should be reviled.

    With that said, the nature of my search was well intentioned. Loving someone with this condition can be painful. How should one confront that?

    I hope this shed some light on at least one google search.

  16. isabella mori

    @becca language is so interesting. i submit that, in general, the mind of a person who searches for “anorexic porn” is in a different frame than that of a person who searches for “anorexia and sex”. i’d say that someone who finds herself in a situation like yours is quite likely to use the keywords you did. but you probably wouldn’t have searched for “anorexic sex”, would you? (which, by the way, landed 20 times more people on this blog in the last year than “anorexia and sex”. go figure.)

    “loving someone with this condition can be painful. how should one confront that?” yes, it is difficult, and complex, and there definitely are no easy answers.

    people who deal with this reasonably successfully do things like seeing a counselor, either by themselves or with their partner; reading books on anorexia; talking to others with anorexia and/or anorexic partners.

    i send you and your partner my best wishes.

  17. SkinnyAdmirer

    I have been lurking on the web for years as someone with a fetish for anorexic women.

    Someone commented on whether fetishists can recognize when someone has crossed the line to dangerously and sickly thin. I can say that I can, Feeling deep empathy for these individuals while simultaneously experiencing unbridled and reckless sexual desire toward them perpetuates an intense shame that has taken many years for me to work through…

    In my blog I’ve plumbed the depths of my fetish fairly deeply, but have opted not to continue posting in it as it became too intense after a while…I actually started developing disordered eating habits of my own.

    I’ve heard that ones’ neuroses weaken when one pays less attention to them. Anyway, I don’t want to get worked up about it too much, so I’m going to paste one of my posts- I welcome any comments…its rare that there is an intelligent conversation on this subject and I invite you all to read my blog. Start from the beginning as the subject matter tended to stray from the actual fetish after a while…

    I’m sitting on a subway platform and am looking across the tracks at a beautiful slim woman reading a book. We might as well be 12,000 miles apart. I wish I had the courage to jump down onto the tracks, hop over the third rail and rescue her. It won’t happen. Brown boots and black leggings disappear behind the oncoming train, lost forever. Sometimes I think I’m better off just savoring these moments, holding my beloved from afar, keeping it abstract- imaginative.
    Quite rarely I’ll be at a party and drink way too much, randomly hook up with whoever is blurry enough to be satisfactory. Granted, this loss of control is far from admirable- I’ve passed the age where such things are, if not appropriate, at least accepted without scorn.
    Just as my train comes, another lithe girl swooshes past, busy, on her way to something important, far too busy to notice my eyes tracking her tiny legs poking from underneath a business suit as she disappears into the rush hour throng.
    Why do I feel bad about my attraction? If I pursue someone who is underweight, it’s going to be extremely likely that she’s unhealthy, for whatever reason. In a way there’s something alluring about it though- this ephemeral being, swimming in danger, only taking this form for a short time. Like those girls on the platform, only there for an instant in which I can attempt to beam as much of myself into them as possible. It’s a story with a provocative plot, one that ties up tightly, dramatically.
    She dies and I’m heartbroken, driven into existential angst, or she decides to become healthy and has the strength to leave on her own.
    The “low weight maintenance” idea from my last post may just be a fairytale, but it’s the only “happily ever after” version I could think of. I hang onto it because it seems to be the only way it works out for everyone.
    Let’s put this aside now. What if I did pursue one of these fragile pixies? Would my attraction be a contributing factor to her slow suicide? All y’all anas (sorry, i know some of you don’t like to refer to yourselves as that) kinda run on your own motor don’t you? Do all these websites and blogs and pictures make you more anorexic? Would I make you more anorexic?
    Say I took a hands-off approach: I won’t ask about how you abuse yourself, and you do the same for me (I’ve got my demons too- cigarattes, pot, sleep deprivation, sporadic consumption of utter garbage, sloth). My point is, in the brief period of time that these women inhabit such a form, shouldnt they be entitled to lust (at least) from another?
    I’m in quite the minority here- I love angles, I relate to them much more concretely than curves. I loved plane geometry in high school. Shouldn’t I be allowed the right to have what I desire, even if for a short time? I’ll take the brunt of sorrow that comes with it. It makes me think of the line from that great movie “Magnolia”- “I really do have love to give; I just don’t know where to put it. ”

    SkinnyAdmirer’s last blog post..Hiatus

  18. isabella mori

    @SkinnyAdmirer – thanks for this contribution. the kind of honest, thoughtful exploration of this subject that you bring is one of the things i had hoped would surface in this investigation.

    i wonder, do you see a difference between yourself and your fetish and people who hunt around “for something different”?

    if so, what would you say is the difference?

  19. SkinnyAdmirer

    I don’t know what you mean exactly by “people who hunt around “for something different”?”

    I’m guessing you’re referring to folks who are simply curious about exploring the recesses and compartments of their own sexual desires. So I’ll go with that…Yes I believe I differ.

    The DSMIV lists three degrees of fetishism, the most severe marked by the inability to maintain sexual arousal without the object or “fetish”. I basically fall under that category.

    Fortunately, I have other kinks that work for me- as long as my non-anorexic girlfriend likes to play dress up then everything pretty much works out. If I did not have these other interests I’m sure I’d be in a much more difficult situation. It’s hard enough being a hard-core fetishist where every time one gets into a relationship one has to do some potentially off-putting explanation (It took a long time to master this) but to have something as morally repugnant as a kink for skeletal women? Oy, good luck getting laid with that one…and then once you do she’s either hospitalized and gains weight and you have to dump her, or she dies. Sucks either way.

    In any case, my anorexia fetish remains a closely guarded secret from my SO. It is a private matter that doesnt otherwise affect our relationship, I believe I’m in my right to continue to withhold it.

    So there I’ve gone rambling again. I think the difference between myself and a simply curious person is that we’re coming from completely different places vis a vis sexual mindset and performance. While one person is looking for bigger thrills in their sexual imagination, I’m simply looking for “A” thrill, the thing that will at least get me going so I dont have to live as a hermit or something.

  20. isabella mori

    @skinnyadmirer yes, i know, i was a little vague. and your interpretation of “people who hunt around” is what i was thinking of. thanks for explaining your situation!

    as is often the case, i find that the DSMIV is not terribly helpful on the subject of fetishism and paraphilias. here is an article that i find somewhat informative.

    i wonder what one of my heroes, dan savage, would say about all this? maybe it’s time to ask. i know, he’s not exactly perfect but at least he’d probably contribute something interesting to the conversation.

  21. Angel

    Hi. I find this very interesting, and I’m curious…
    I’m a 41 yr old woman who has struggled with anorexia for over 20 yrs. I just returned from an in patient treatment program and I’m doing well maintaining a healthy weight, though still on the low side. I was on myspace and got a friend request from a 42 yr old man who seemed very nice and we started chatting. He seemed very focused on commenting on my size, which at first I understood. I have 4 kids, and he was saying that I was so thin for having so many children,etc…I tried to change the subject, because it’s not a healthy one for me. He then proceeded to ask my weight and if I could see my rib bones! I had never come across this before, and it really scared me. I’m also a childhood sexual abuse survivor, and it makes me think of men who really are attracted to pre-pubescent girls. They don’t want a woman, but a child, and that is disturbing.

    Angel’s last blog post..Natures Hope

  22. Winnie

    HI, I have looked a few of these web sites and it really scares me.I am suffering from anorexia. I have been told that it is just that I am suffering from depression. I just won’t eat because I have no feeling that I am hungry.I will find any excuse,not to get that food in my mouth. Would that still mean I have anorexia ?Can anyone answer that for me. I am 5ft. 7in. tall and I weigh any where from 100lbs to 110lbs. I as well am a sexual abuse survivor as a child as well the DR. that treated me sexualy abused me. It has been 10 years since it happened but I can’t stop thinking about him. He was the only one I could talk about being sexually abused as a child.

  23. frank

    First, let me say that I am really impressed with the level of dialogue going on here. It is unfortunately rare for the comment section of a blog.

    I arrived here via a search for “thin fetish”. I am a bi-sexual male and have sexual partners of various body types. I myself am fairly thin, 5’9″ and 135 lbs. I have never had any sort of eating disorder, just thin framed (I have the smaller wrists than my thin female friends).

    Like I said body type isn’t a determining factor in my sexual partner selection. That said, I’ve noticed a particular eroticism associated with thin female bodies. Societally influenced? probably. I am not attracted to people who are too skinny for their bodies. But thin does it for me sometimes. Just like butch does at others.

    I am aware of my role in perpetuating eating disorders by placing value (beauty, eroticism, whatever) on thin people. I don’t feel right (nor true to myself) saying, “I am only attracted to thin people, anything else doesn’t do it for me.” That mindset supports the societal standards that encourage eating disorders and other body image related illnesses.

    I am not shameful of nor resistant to the part of me that finds thinness attractive. I just keep it in check and make sure that it is just part of my sexuality. Similarly, I have engaged in some role play / fantasy situations that included forced sex scenarios. While these were exceptionally erotic, I did not jettison the rest of my sexual repertoire and focus exclusively on that type of fantasy play.

    I’ll end this diatribe by reiterating my feeling of responsibility, as a member of this society, to own the fact that our image of beauty is fucked. To limit myself to that narrow band of what is erotic, would be to sacrifice so much. It would be like eating only fast food meals because they taste good.

    Again, thank you Isabella for maintaining this site and hosting this ongoing conversation. I’m glad I could contribute.

  24. Rose

    I have several opinions on this topic. I think that every man has a different reason for liking thin girls. Some men are attracted to thinner women because it makes them feel more masculine and manly compared to them (like women who like big, strong men feel more feminine around them), and some men like thin women because they are attracted to the vulnerability and femininity of it. Unfortunately, I also think that other men are attracted to skinny women because they are (maybe subconsiously) attracted to young girls. I myself am not anorexic, but I have seen pro-ana girls on myspace and from looking at some of the girl’s pictures, they look like they are 14 instead of 18-20; They have smaller breasts, small hips, and small thighs (they post pictures of themselves in their undergarments and suck their stomach in so that they can critique themselves). I actually felt wierd looking at some of the pictures for the reason that the girls looked almost pre-pubescent. Why any man would be attracted to a slim teenage girl is probably the same as the above reasons; they feel more powerful/manly, they like the idea of caring for a helpless/vulnerable woman, and they like to be dominant.

  25. the one

    Porn user response:

    I have been looking at porn since i was able to..(god bless the us an awkward trip to the store/video place) Some people have already touched on the “rare” issue.. which might have a lot of truth to it.. see when you make your first porn search ever.. that is exactly what you type in the search bar “porn.” However, do to the taste factor.. we all like different things, so as time goes by, the searches get a lot more specific.. e.g. “45 year old redhead with freckles in her chest,” or “really skinny shaved blonde wearing black boots,” etc..

    as you can see how if skinny, thin, or petite fails to bring the results desired.. anorexic usually comes to mind.. whether it’s a fetish i’m not sure.. but after the things I have seen online.. nothing surprises me anymore..

    I hope it helps..

  26. isabella mori

    i haven’t participated in this conversation here for a while. some very interesting comments here.

    since it’s hopeless for me to try to address all comments, i’ll just be lazy and say something to our last commenter, “the one”:

    i don’t know if you saw the results of this research project; there were quite a number of people who alluded to the “unusual” aspect of porn as one of the reasons why they looked for porn involving anorexic women. but nobody gave as clear an explanation as you did. thank you!

  27. You want the truth?

    Part curiosity part sick fuck. Part of me wanted to see anorexics for the freak show aspects…

    And the darker side of me wanted to see whipped, malnourished, good looking sex slaves [yeah, real ones].

  28. poroto

    I have admired skinny girls since I was a teenyear; 12 years old perhaps. I don’t know why. I remember one girl on the bus who I used to see frecquently when going to school. Never was corageous enough to talk to her. Too bad.
    Perhaps I like them because they are delicate, fragil. Someone said above because one can feel more masculine. Yes , perhaps.
    I feel atracted not only to thin girls , but some “normal” girls as well. However, my eyes get trapped when catching a skinny girl in the street. Now I got 40 years old; and I feel the same regarding women as when I was a teenyear

  29. Marrianne

    Okay, I stumbled upon this sight when googling ‘Anorexia Sex’. The nature of this search was not intended to be rude, but I was simply fascinated by an apparent overlap of overt sexual behavours, bordering on promiscuity [in some] & Anorexia. Having been Anorexic for the last ten years I wanted to learn about the frequency of the overlap, espeacially considering the fact that Anorexia is infamous for eradicating the ability to either feel arrousal or emotionally connect during a sexual act [it varies largely, from scource to source].

    I would also say that there is no such thing as ‘Dangerously thin’. Anorexics can die when emaciated, or whilst as a higher weight due to complications. Many Anorexics also purge [as with Bulimia] wich not only messes up the chemical balance immedeatly, but has a higher risk of organ failiure and instant death. It is Anorexia that is the silent disease that does not necessarily kill untill individuals are severely emaciated. That is not to say that organ failure and similar things are not imminent.

    Actually many famous sports and, espeacially, Hollywood personalities meet the criteria of Anorexia nervosa, or at least borderline.
    These guidlines are in place for a reason and are not just a randomly selected bunch of numbers used to describe something. They, instead, are numbers that can be indicitive of something that we might, other wise, be unaware of; behaviours, emotions, sexual function, appetite, perfectionistic traits, irritability, development of insomnia, the organs, cognative function, etc etc1 ALL of these things may be affected past a point.

    If individuals DO recover then they CAN restore their general health, unless their organs have failed and their social network has been effected!!

    Some Anorexics are considered to be sexy, look at Hollywood for gods sake, look at Audrey Hepburn, Mary Kate Olsen, almost any ‘everage looking’ acress lol

    I appologise for sounding like a know it all b*tch, but I trully had difficulty reading statements such as ”I can see when a woman is dangerously thin”.
    Can you??
    Well you are fairly amazing then as I know proffessionals who have failed to see!!
    Also, Anorexia, accordimg to the Diagnostic criteria, applies to rapid weight loss blah blah blah, but the emaciated are another story entirely- no such thing as ‘dangerously thin’, if a size zero or emaciated or any thing like this, then we ALL are ‘dengerously thin’ lol


    I also had NO idea that there was even such a thing as Anorexic Porn, untill this morning that is!!
    It defeats nature in the eye of the beholder!!

    Some link Anorexia to narcissism, but can apparently get their ‘narcissistic supply’ through sex [?!] Which MIGHT explain some narcissistic behaviours in some, but in the porn viewer?! [we all apparently have narcissitic traits as well!!]

    ALSO- wether people refer to ‘hideously obese’ or to ‘hidiously thin’ they are simply using a decriptive with is often the consensous of people!! Or the masses even!!
    But, according to ‘Anorexic Porn’ and the rumours about ‘large people porn’ some people across this plannet appear to love it haha!!

    I muse now; if something is different does it become sexually intreaging to some?!
    Woooooooooo, Who even KNEW that us Anna’s could spark such sexual interest?! LMFAO

    Oh, but Angel noted the overlap between Anorexia and the ‘pre-pubescent’ body, wich in itself is disturbing, although not always intentional!! All I can say is that if looking at this kind of porn entertains certian people who might ‘enjoy’ those kinds of ‘pre-pubesent’ bodys
    it must surely be a good thing?!
    Keep them on the net and OUT of the way!!

    Tc People,
    Thank you for an interesting ‘debate’ [rant]
    x x

  30. Marrianne

    p.s. I did contradict myself in that- sorry!!
    I meant to say that people most COMMONLY die when emaciated, but that they CAN experience AWFULL complications prior to this!!

  31. Myself

    I am disgusted about anorexia. For me is unreal how a human can do that to their body. I googles “anorexia fetish” to see if there are actually people who are into that stuff, and for my surprise there are men who like it. I was shocked. So maybe many people google it just for curiosity.

  32. me

    I’m a girl who searches “anorexia porn” because it’s the only way to find pictures of what a body looks like when you’re starved to the brink of death. And there’s a lot of those pictures. I’d say it’s to satisfy an artistic interest in the body. I also look up pictures of freakishly muscular people.

    To Winnie: Your sexual abuse therapy doctor sexually abused you? DAMN what a shitty deal!
    Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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