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THE granny post!!!

julian-ap-07-small.jpgyup. that’s him. little julian. all 10 pds 10 oz, and 22″ of him! 33 days of on and off labour, 30 hours of final labour, and then he had to be hauled out via caesarian.

julian and both parents are happy and healthy.

the support and love from everyone was – oh, i don’t even have any words for it. one of my closest friends, who has spent the last few years in a very hard battle with cancer, was there through pretty much all of it. no matter that she can’t walk more than four blocks, but staying up for 30, 40 hours to be there for the birth – no problem. then there was my mother, who came all the way from germany, to hold the little great-grandson but once before she had to fly back home – but it was worth it, she says! i’m also so greatful to a whole bunch of blogging and twittering friends, who kept sending messages of friendship, cheer and support.

and here he is. little julian. life will never be the same again. and that’s good.

granny post number 7: a name!

julian. it’s not quite clear what that name means. it could mean “downy-bearded”, or it could relate to the highest roman god, jupiter, the equivalent of the greek god zeus.

whatever it is, it’s a darn good name. and the name of the baby-to-come! yes, we know the gender now! yesterday, i accompanied mindemoya on an ultrasound, and they showed us very clear evidence that the child is male.

today, when my mother and i were talking about the baby, i had my first experience of calling the baby “him”. it’s not “the baby” anymore, it’s a he! what a difference that makes. the “he” resonates so much more clearly and importantly than the “it.” the little person is starting to round out.

and talking about “out”: mindemoya is going to be induced Continue reading

granny post number 6: patience, patience

yesterday was my daughter mindemoya’s due day, and it’s been three weeks since she’s been having on-and-off contractions.

baby, come out! we all want to meet you!

in the meantime, mindemoya’s getting bigger and bigger. how is this possible?!? she’s attached to this massive belly and all she can do is waddle. she moves from chair to chair – every single one is uncomfortable, and the sofa is so deep, she needs someone to help her out of it. one minute she wants nothing but ice water, next minute she craves a tuna melt Continue reading

granny post number 5: dreaming

it’s been almost two weeks since my daughter first had her contractions, and it’s been a roller coaster ever since. and no baby yet. but what can we do, other than let nature take its course?

well, what i can do, too, is enjoy the anticipation, and dream. i don’t know how many times during the day i imagine holding the little one in my arms for the first time, feeling its unspeakably soft skin, marvelling at the fragile weight of this new human being. every squeak, coo and grunt will seem like a revelation.

every time this tiny haley (if it’s a girl) or julian (if it’s a boy) opens their eyes will be a chance to look deeply into the waters of a soul that is clean of resentments, ugly memories, nagging doubts.

my, this sounds corny. but it’s true.

granny post number 4: waiting, waiting

if you’ve been following our story on twitter, you’ll know that my daughter’s baby still hasn’t arrived. we’re all in some sort of suspended state right now. she started labour 55 (fifty-five!!!!) hours ago. now, all of a sudden, no labour! grrrr! (but i’m grateful that we all got some sleep)

so i figured i’ll post some random stories/observations:

… really being aware of what community means. my friends from the vancouver bloggers meetup have sent all kinds of well-wishes. my daughter is surrounded by support people, including flora, a lovely student from the doula school at the university of british columbia. it takes a village to birth a child.

… the desire of all of us to contribute to my daughter’s, her partner’s and the baby’s well-being. heart-warming.

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granny post #2: creating new connections

here is what i reported on twitter today:

my daughter’s baby shower. big belly. lotza family. food everywhere!!!! and homemade wine. afterwards: canasta, hysterical laughter.

but maybe i’ll expand on that a bit here?

so this is granny post #2 (granny post #1 is here). am i used to this granny role yet? i’m not sure. one of the changes i’ve noticed, though, is that as soon as my daughter moved out to live with her boyfriend, my attitude towards her changed. i’ve turned from loving-but-no-nonsense to loving-and-solicitous, from, “hey! pick up your socks!” to, “are you comfortable? can i get you some more tea?”

it was great to Continue reading

granny countdown!

it was many, many years ago, just a bit after they invented the steam engine. march of 1980, to be precise. my 6-year-old son, my boyfriend and i were in a cab with maria gloria, an aging spanish actress who had worked under federico garcia llorca, going the 100 miles or so from santiago de chile to papudo beach. maria gloria said something about her granddaughter, i looked over to my son, and this thought flashed through my head: “i can’t wait to become a grandmother!”

well, the wait’s almost over. six weeks from today is the expected date of birth of my first grandchild!

many feelings, thoughts, ideas, hopes, fears come up as Continue reading