making lives better: inspiration

today i want to tell you about some of the inspiring videos i’ve seen on youtube lately. all three very different – except for the fact that they really moved me.

this is quite old. it’s TV satirist’s jon stewart’s first speech after 9/11. i dare you to watch it without tears in your eyes!

next comes the free hugs campaign that my friend bonnie alerted me to. talk about someone who makes lives better! more on the free hugs campaign here.

lastly, one of my musical heroes, bobby mcferrin. in this video, he is conducting one of his workshops where he and the workshop participants sing a beautiful rendition of gounod’s ave maria.


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One thought on “making lives better: inspiration

  1. ashley

    i am on youtube! it’s been scary..but kind of good..the only way i can really..speak out..even though it’s not seen by who i want to..but anyway…i love that free hugs one.

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