is it better than silence?

a propos our conversation about appreciative communication on the internet, i remembered this today, by the buddha:

when admonishing someone, keep these six considerations in mind:

  1. is my heart free of malice towards this person?
  2. have i been guilty of this offence myself?
  3. do i speak at the right time?
  4. is this the truth?
  5. do i speak gently?
  6. am i concerned with profit to myself?

along the same lines, 19th century indian guru sai baba had these thoughts on mindful speech:

before you say anything, consider these questions:

  1. is it true?
  2. is it kind?
  3. is it necessary?
  4. will it improve on the silence?

i find the last one the most challenging, especially as a blogger.

is what i say better than silence?

(this post appears in the carnival of struggling bumbling newbies

8 thoughts on “is it better than silence?

  1. Jeff Youngstrom

    While #4 is hard as a blogger, it’s even harder as a commenter.

    I find your posts better than silence more often than not.

    I can’t forward your stuff to my wife, though, because her proofreader’s brain can’t get past the all lower case. Oops, is that an admonishment? Did I meet the six criteria? Maybe. I think so.

  2. GDB

    Silence is better than chocolate. Chocolate is better than most diets. Most diets are better than eating nothing at all. Eating nothing at all is better than eating a lot and working hard. Working hard and saying nothing and eating properly is better than doing nothing. Doing nothing is better than babbling.

    I truely am mad comme tout, n’est-ce pas?

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