nagasaki: taking refuge in peace

nagasaki peace parki just came back from a visit to the buddhist temple here in kelowna where we are for our summer vacation. the minister there is chanting sutras in a non-stop 12-hour marathon to commemorate the 62nd anniversary today of the bombing of nagasaki. as opposed to hiroshima, which had been bombed a few days earlier and had somewhat of a military presence, nagasaki was entirely civilian. the bomb was dropped directly onto a church.


(“i take refuge in the buddha” )

as i contemplate the horrors of war, strangely yet mercifully unknown to me personally, i pray that we all take refuge in kindness, peacefulness, compassion and tolerance.

(image courtesy of kamoda)

7 thoughts on “nagasaki: taking refuge in peace

  1. Emi

    I’ve been to the bombing sites in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima gets so much attention, and Nagasaki gets forgotten. My parents made a big deal of taking me to both because they wanted me to understand all about Japan and WWII and atomic bombs. I read that Nagasaki had US POWs there on Aug. 9, and it was chosen b/c it was a major port but weather played a role, too.
    On the other hand, my parents made a big deal about my knowing all about the horrors the Japanese Imperial Army committed: Nanjing, Bataan, Taiwan, Thailand, Section 731, Manchuria, etc.
    And the weirdest thing is that I know way more about this from American high school and college than my Japanese family in Japan learned there.

  2. isabella mori

    yes, emi, in conversations with people from japan, i have also noticed that there is not very much knowledge about these things. in fact, my impression is that the schools there are not very much in favour of teaching about controversial topics.

    i guess that’s a very western thing to do. and i’m not sure whether the education that i received in germany, which resulted in a tremendous amount of collective guilt experienced by a generation that were not perpetrators in WWII, is better. it’s hard to know what will propel us more towards peace.

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