quickie: i need your opinion!

votingi’m going to be in the may 2008 bloghology.  bloghology is “a collection of bloggers and their masterpieces blended as a monthly ezine.”
one of the things i’ve been asked for this bloghology entry is, “what are your 5 best blog posts?”

now i have an opinion on this but really, your opinion, dear readers, counts for more.

so could you tell me please – what do you think is/are my best blog post(s)?

you can leave your vote here or anywhere else on this blog.  and i don’t require you to crawl through the whole blog figuring out the URL – if you say somethig like, “you know, the one where you talk about dr. seuss”, i’ll do the detective work.

thanks so much!

oh, and if you’re a blogger yourself and would like to be part of a future bloghology, just get in touch with mert!

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11 thoughts on “quickie: i need your opinion!

  1. ashok

    I vote for this one:


    I’m not going to go out on a limb and say it’s your best. But it is very thoughtful, engages another’s voice fully (not that you don’t do that anyway, it’s just even clearer here), and brings a lot of information to the reader while seriously working through a problem.

    ashok’s last blog post..Brief Incomplete Comment on Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus (Oedipus Rex)

  2. Andrew

    Great stuff Isabella!

    You have literally thousands of posts over the years, so given that I am fairly recent reader, it’s difficult for me to say.

    I liked the series you did on recovering from bad work experiences. Also, I loved your entry late last year (I think at Christmas time) about scammers and how we should them as real people, not just scam artists.



  3. Todd Jordan

    This one just floored me. http://www.moritherapy.org/article/frozen-pea-friday-post-health-and-poverty/
    I’ve always assumed this to be true about income vs health.

    Another fascinating read! http://www.moritherapy.org/article/mental-health-week-empowerment-in-the-workplace/
    Makes me realize some things. 🙂

    Interesting article. Now I’m anxious to learn more. http://www.moritherapy.org/article/ernesto-cardenal-verses-from-the-pluriverse

    And finally, this one
    A thoughtful article about our reactions to others’ suffering.

    Good reads one and all. Sorry there aren’t five. But I’m a new reader also. I could spend many hours here enjoying your blog and still not pick only the perfect five. So I’ve brought some up that really struck me today.


    Todd Jordan’s last blog post..Facebook – Word Games by zynga

  4. isabella mori

    todd, thanks for going through all these posts! that was very sweet of you.

    really glad you liked the ernesto cardenal article. that one was particularly close to my heart.

  5. Catatonic Kid

    Cool idea!

    Well, I’m putting in another vote for the Ernesto Cardenal: verses from the pluriverse post. It just rocked my socks, and I also think it has a little something for everybody.

    I really like the psychotherapist in context one, too. It’s the best non-textbook explanation I’ve ever found of the process. I think others should get to read it, it’s useful for a great many reasons though it may be a little long for the ‘zine.

    I think this one is one of the best aids on how to handle depressed/possibly depressed people I’ve ever read: http://www.moritherapy.org/article/helping-a-friend-with-depression/#more-752

    Oh, also the “i don’t know” posts. IDK, there was just something about ’em 😉

    Catatonic Kid’s last blog post..Don?t Point Your Finger at Crazy People.

  6. John D

    isabella –

    For me – a fairly recent reader – it’s your creativity series. I haven’t stopped thinking about it and plan my own posts on the subject before long. Those three you did are remarkable.





    John D’s last blog post..Fear of Falling and Mad Men

  7. isabella mori

    @john d, i can’t wait to read your words on creativity! actually, if you want to continue the conversation … it looks like jeremy from PsyBlogs has moved on to other things …

    @catatonic kid, i’m quite tickled that you like the “psychotherapist in context”. i still feel quite vulnerable thinking about it but i think that’s a good sign. however, that’s a “page” not a “post” – i’ll have to ask mert whether that counts, too.

    if “pages” count, i have to say my pride and joy is something that maybe none of you have read yet – the anorexia support page. i’m so grateful that this is turning out to be a useful resource for people recovering from anorexia.

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