recovering from addiction: a prayer

a prayer by someone dealing with addiction:

an image that goes with prayer

dear higher powers:
thank you for another day of life.
help me to walk closely with you today.
work through me so that i may better help others.
help me when i am weak. help me to reach out to your unending strength.
help me to remain hopeful and inspired.
help me to be humble in dealing with my ferocious disease.
help me to remember where to turn for help.
help me to get over myself and reach out to others for help.
and help me to remember what a magnificent being i am, that each and every person is your child, worthy of the utmost respect, that i don’t own anybody, that nobody owes me anything and that i live in a caring, abundant world.
help me to create more harmony, peace, serenity, joy, security, and love.
help me to freely give all these things and find them in return.

(image by alicepopkorn

11 thoughts on “recovering from addiction: a prayer

  1. Otis

    You have a very nice web site and I enjoy reading your “blogs”. I also saw one of your videos on YouTube.

    I noticed you identify yourself as a “counselor” and a “psychotherapist”. I don’t know what the difference is. Would you please tell me what your academic credentials are?

  2. Alexander M Zoltai


    Just got here after submitting my first post to a carnival, seeing you had a post on it on the 23rd, clicked in & read the prayer, then scrolled down to discover my first comment on your blog…
    Wonderfully Weird !

    ~ Alex

    Alexander M Zoltai’s last blog post..Prayer . . .

  3. isabella mori

    that’s funny, alex. of course i had to dig around now to see which one WAS your first comment. and it turned out it was the lovely long list on the earth day post on april 22. thank you again for that!

  4. Jumpinjack

    I am wondering how someone can sum up all those good words which can urge someone’s to go in a fascination world. Thanks for sharing that and making my day.

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