sharing water

when clients come to see me in my office, i always have a big glass of water ready for them. some drink it all, others drink nothing, others yet some of it. after they leave, there is a little ritual: all leftover water is given to the plant that lives behind the sofa in the office.

we share water.

isabella mori
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One thought on “sharing water

  1. Jeff

    This room is very colorful !! I love it !! It doesn’t seem to be the “norm” for a therapists’ room though. I’ve sought counceling in the past and the rooms I’ve always been in were basically eggshell white with a blah bookcase with blah books on it and blah seating arrangements. I’m not sure the lack of “distractions” helped, or hurt though. For example, If I’m seeking counseling for depression, going to a “vibrant, colorful” room such as yours, would force my spirts to be uplifted rather then enhance my current depressed state. The double edge sword of that would be, my true feelings of depression might be masked by the “brightness” of your room, forcing me to not fully elaborate on my inner feelings. Would it be best to be in a “drab eggshell white” room with little or no “distractions” ? Heck, this could be a whole new blog post !!! “Counseling rooms, distractions or places of refuge ?”

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