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a buddhist carnival – 9th edition, part 2

a small buddha in natureand here is part 2 of this month’s buddhist carnival. part 1 is here.

exercise as practice
unapologetic genius discusses exercise as meditative practice, something i also enjoy tremendously. being present to my body, my body who is present to me at all times, can bring an exquisite experience of reality. in fact, i think it’s a fascinating topic, and am putting it on my (admittedly rather long) list of things to blog about. at any rate, here is a little excerpt:

instead of a scattered mind, fear, and unconsciousness, i bring consciousness with me to the gym. i close my eyes, focus on my body, being in it, the movements, and my breathing (which is usually the yogic ujjayi breath. but that’s not nearly as important as simply watching the breath). i’m there, moving and feeling my body and breath, present to each breath and movement.

what are you soaking in?
my twitter friend lisa rokusek has this interesting entry:

buddha said, “what you think, you become” what we soak in really makes a difference.

i can feel something changing inside me. this week i breathe easily, relax more fully, laugh with a deeper appreciation, and am feeling less angst.

it isn’t a lack of stress, i mean i have leapt from the cliff and there is no safety net in sight. the bills have to be paid, food must be purchased, and i forgot to put the wow account on hold and paid 15 bucks for an account we aren’t using. life goes on and a lot is sitting on my shoulders. it is scary – but i am starting to defrost from the panic i felt. i have to hustle, i have to pick up the phone, i have to connect with people in a very competitive business. so i do it. but, there is a seismic shift happening deep inside me and i honestly didn’t see it coming.

find out what she was marinating in, on her blog, the rhino and the buddha.

attachment and projection
“marinating” is such a great word to use to understand the related topic of attachment, which is something that urban monk talks about. in fact, come to think of it, “marinating” might be an even better word. “attachment” conjures the image of object A connected to object B with some sort of string, or if it’s stronger, perhaps through velcro. attachment is stronger still, though. most of the time we are completely entangled in it, steeped in it. and what keeps us in this marinade is often our projections:

when we become attached to something or someone, we do not see it or them as they are. often, all we see are our projections. we see them for what we think they can provide, or more accurately, what we think we lack. through a mansion, we seek the respect we feel we lack. through wealth, we seek security. by finding a lover, or by having endless sex, we think we have love and attention.

but a mansion is just a mansion, money just money. they only have the value we give them, and very so often, we project on to them a false and disproportionate importance. this is even worse when we project our needs on human beings – no longer do we treat them as human beings, but as objects to be used.

… and what does non-attachment look like?
go here for a famous zen story.

well, friends, that’s it for this round of the buddhist carnival.

what do you think? what’s your experience with all of this – with attachment, projection, practice? let me know, let’s talk!

and please come back for the next buddhist carnival, on september 15. any articles you’d like to see? submit them here.

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carnival of eating disorders – july 2008

welcome to the july 31, 2008 edition of carnival of eating disorders!

i’m doing something today that i’ve never done before: i’m using the “predigested” version put together by the blog carnival.  normally i put a lot of care and effort into my blog carnivals but i have to confess that i’m still a bit “blogged out” from the blogathon.  so this time i’m taking the lazy route, and the only additional work i did was a bit of rearranging and taking out the inappropriate submissions (don’t quite understand why we would need to talk about acne in an article on eating disorders and no, we’re not going to talk about how to take diet pills here).

here you go:

body image

toni graybill presents the secret to better grades is dancing? posted at maximize health and wealth, saying, “dancing can build physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities.”

liz rosenbaum presents love your body posted at liz rosenbaum fitness.

fitnchic presents dress size – just another number :: fitnchic.com – get in shape fashionably :: posted at fitnchic.com – get in shape, fashionably!, saying, “it’s a really good article for those who obsess over a dress size.”


joshua seth presents individuals fighting obesity posted at joshua seth blog, saying, “if you think it’s hard to lose those last 7 pounds, imagine if you had to lose 700! that’s what manuel urib is attempting to do and he’s well on his way to succeeding.”

joshua seth presents why europeans aren’t fat posted at joshua seth blog, saying, “what we see around us everyday we come to view asnormal. take on a new perspective and all that changes. this is why travel used to be considered an essential
part of education.”


the push up coach presents your pre-gym checklist posted at the 1000 push ups club, saying, “with the proper planning you should be able to eliminate most of the frustration associated with your first few days in the gym.”

murphy s presents saving money on your organic food shopping! posted at all organic blog.

larry w presents weight training safety posted at muscle bound blog, saying.

davexplorer presents what is natural cooking? posted at natural cooking blog.

kenton newby presents a great weight reducing secret | my path to fitness blog posted at my path to fitness blog.

james d. brausch presents meat only week posted at weight loss dude.

aruntheace presents what is there to know about diet pills?? posted at healthybitz.

ed pudol presents becoming a healthy eater posted at healthy life style – health is priority before anything else.

that concludes this edition. submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of eating disorders using our carnival submission form. past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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blogathon: the flat ab rant

this is an entry for my participation in the 2008 blogathon, a 24-hour marathon of blogging. please support the cause and donate – however much, however little – to the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch). to donate, use this URL: www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?CharityID=d2252. you should be able to get there by clicking the link;if not, just copy and paste the link into your browser. it will take you to the appropriate location at canada helps. thank you!

in the carnival of eating disorders that happens on this blog every last day of the month, one of the things we pay attention to is body image. here’s a contribution, a LOUD contribution, to the carnival on that topic. i won’t comment on it because, well, nancy hayssen says it all:

today at the gym, i was noticing how many women love to tear themselves apart.

too fat, too old, too big, too much cellulite, butts too big . . . and the best one of all is: “if only i could get FLAT ABS” …

women are NOT made to have flat stomachs!
it’s NOT truly feminine.
women’s bodies are made to have babies.
women are not naturally supposed to have:
* barbie doll fake breasts
* rock hard anything
* plastic injections of God knows what
* fake boobs, fake butts, fake ANYTHING

. . . . INCLUDING rock hard flat abs which serve NO purpose whatsoever!! except to feed into the media hype, sell more ab machines, make plastic surgeons money and fuel the economy some more!

get over it!

a real woman has full hips to give birth to babies, nurtures and comforts others with her soft skin (and YES! some FAT on her body), feeds her young milk from her breasts . . .

and isn’t so self-absorbed that the only thing that matters the most in life is getting her stomach to look like someone flat ironed it to death!

maybe it’s time for women to wake up and know it’s OKAY to be a real woman. fat butts and all.

read the rest here, at the flat ab gym rant!