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frozen pea friday: a survivor tells her story

for a few weeks now, either here or on another blog, every friday i post something about cancer. as those of you who stop by here frequently, this is something started by susan reynolds and the people around her. in december, susan reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer. now she’s become an activist.

in her ever-creative way, she posted a to-do list for people who want to support this cause. here is something interesting: at a site created by the american cancer society, cancer survivors share their stories.

so let me step aside for annie. cancer has stepped aside for her, too.

chinese love peas

it’s friday: frozen pea day.

what’s that?

two months ago, susan reynolds found out she had breast cancer, and she started posting about it on twitter. all the twitterers flocked around her in a beautiful show of friendship and support.

what about the peas? susan discovered that frozen peas were ideal in helping keep the post-surgery pain down. so she twittered about it. and thus, the humble pea started on its way to becoming a symbol of people fighting cancer online, together.

so a little while ago, frozen pea friday was started. you can donate the price of one, two or more packs of frozen peas to the frozen pea fund, a fund for breast cancer research – but it’s more than that: it’s a show of support, a real YES! to community.

and since it’s chinese new years and i know that my readers enjoy chinese love poetry, here’s a chinese pea love poem by poet, musician and painter wang wei of the tang dynasty:

in southern lands, love peas grow,
sprouting sprigs in time of spring.
pick the peas, i implore you,
seeds of romance they are so.

let me offer you peas of love and support, dear sister susan; may abundant health sprout for you this spring.

(painting by yan li)