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twitter peace, shalom, salaam, and the salvation army

at the end of my day, i often ask myself, what was the theme for today? on this day, january 11, it was peace. with all the things that are happening in gaza right now, it was sad. and yet it was good. i am so grateful for all the good friends here on twitter who work and think and feel together for peace.

here are some tweets:

@intrepidteacher after reading your last tweets, can we throw #peace bombs into the middle east? what would they look like? half a minute ago from Power Twitter in reply to intrepidteacher

thich nhat hanh on treating anger with tenderness. useful for gaza? #peace about 8 hours ago from Power Twitter

@CarolSill has some sort of built-in harmony GPS. in a chaotic environment of strife, control and disinterest, she always locates love. about 10 hours ago from Power Twitter in reply to carolsill

just finished a lovely phone conversation with @CarolSill. talk about someone who embodies peace. about 10 hours ago from Power Twitter

more bob marley: “If you get down and quarrel everyday, you’re saying prayers to the devil, I say ” about 11 hours ago from Power Twitter

@intrepidteacher likely we need both, freedom/justice fighters and peace workers. my talents are probably best used for the latter. about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter in reply to intrepidteacher

is there someone to whom you can send good wishes even though they’re not your favourite? a story of hurt you can stop retelling? about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

is there someone in your life right now who you can forgive? meet them a bit more than half-way? forget their transgressions? let go? about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

or never mind “i would”. how can i demonstrate peace right now? how can we here, right now, demonstrate, live, embody the power of peace? about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

if there was a demonstration for peace, an event demonstrating peace, i’d be there. about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

how about translation: “i don’t stand for israel’s side, i don’ t stand for palestine’s side. i stand for the side of peace.” about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

bob marley: “i don’t stand for the black man’s side, i don’ t stand for the white man’s side. i stand for god’s side” about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

yes! rastaman vibration is positive! about 12 hours ago from Power Twitter

all of this reminds me of a post from a little while ago, understanding war, and a comment conversation there with alex, probably THE blogger i associate with peace. we talked about “articles of war” and the salvation army’s articles of war came to my attention. i’ve experimented with translating some of them for secular purposes. do you find them useful?

* be responsive to the goodness calling to us every day, growing in grace through celebrating peace, prayer or reflection, being of service to humanity and constantly learning and understanding better what goodness means
* make the values of goodness the standard for my life
* uphold integrity in every area of my life, always being aware how thought, word or deed influences everything within and around me
* maintain the ideals of goodness and peace in all my relationships with others: my family and neighbours, my colleagues, those to whom and for whom I am responsible, and the wider community
* affirm the sacredness of close bonds, such as family and good friends
* be a faithful steward of my time and gifts, my money and possessions, my body, my mind and my spirit
* be faithful to the positive potential in humanity, sharing the news of goodnes, endeavouring to win others to peace, and in the name of goodness and peace showing compassion and kindness to all created beings
* be actively involved, as i am able, in the life, work, and community of those who are likeminded, giving as large a proportion of my income as possible to support good causes
* show the spirit of goodness and peace whether in times of popularity or persecution

grateful in seattle

yesterday my daughter, my grandson and i went on a trip to seattle, to meet with some of my daughter’s online friends. they took us to the aquarium – what a fabulous place! fish, art, education, photography, fun, otters, starfish and so much more, all in one place. can’t wait to go there again.

what i really want to tell you about, though, on this thanksgiving weekend, is about a 10-second encounter with a young man.

after a pilgrimage to the cheesecake factory and getting terrifyingly lost, we went to QFC to stock up on cheap booze and weird american junk food. then down to the parking garage to load it all up and pack up the three gazillion doodahs you carry around with you when you’re with a baby.

as we’re putting things away, we hear a voice, “is this your backpack?”

and indeed, it was mine. the one with my passport in it. the one with the visa in it that took me three hours to get in the long-weekend line-up at the border. i had completely forgotten about it.

the young man, obviously a QFC employee, just handed me the backpack, i thanked him profusely, and he disappeared.

but the feeling of gratitude hasn’t left me ever since. sick with a cold to begin with and a little spooked by having gotten lost, the idea of arriving at the border 2 ½ hours later, in the middle of the night, without my passport, and probably not having a clue where i’d lost it, made me shudder.

with just a bit of thougtfulness and taking a minute or two to track us down, this young man (and probably also the super-nice cashier with whom we had briefly chatted earlier), saved us from hours of great discomfort.

i am so moved by that. there is so very little we often need to do to dramatically improve someone’s day.

thank you, people at QFC. thank you.

thank you.

(this post appeared in gonzo’s carnival of cities as well as the thumbs up carnival)