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quickie: inspiration

to my fellow bloggers who like to write about inspiration: one of my blogging buddies, damien at postcards from the funny farm, has a group writing/writing contest project called amazing visions.

it closes on july 1 (extended deadline) and here is what it’s about

can you think of someone you admire? maybe it’s for their brain? their personality? maybe they are as big as walt disney or as ordinary as your dad. i love reading stories of people who use their common brain and inspiration to do amazing things. i’m holding a contest for your articles on that type of person. i think the posts are going to be revolutionary and inspiring to all who read them. here’s the details:

publish a 200-400 word post on your blog. if you like you can get some ideas what i am thinking of in my archived series: “amazing visions.” but please, be as different from me as you can be. in the post you need to link back to this permalink, or this blog’s root url. there will be 2 big winners and 3 honorable mentions. the 2 will get box ads to their blogs for a month free of charge along with optional custom-made 125×125 glass buttons courtesy of our design company, create and innovate designs. each will also receive a thoughtful writeup about their blog linked back from here in a post.

since i think this is a great project, i want to invite you all to participate. to prime the pump a bit, i’m specifically inviting

  1. alexander
  2. be playful
  3. cheerful monk
  4. elizabeth potts-weinstein
  5. fight for justice
  6. hootin’ annie
  7. vivien at inspirationbit
  8. jeff
  9. ken nubo
  10. lives less ordinary
  11. middlezone musings
  12. nicaragua picture of the day
  13. nickie
  14. reiki digest
  15. shy one
  16. the lives and times
  17. weightloss dude

4 reasons why we like lists

write lists, write lists, that’s what every blogger is told.

what is it that we find so fascinating about lists? i tried to find some research on that but can’t come up with anything so far. hm. let’s ask some academics who might know: john suler, famous for his psychology of cyberspace studies; chris from mixing memory, a cognitive psychology blog; and web strategist jeremiah.

in the meantime, here is … uh … a list of what i think attracts people to these bulleted and numbered items:

  1. lists impose a feeling of order on the jumble of demands, feelings, thoughts, information and other input that we’re faced with every day.
  2. lists are easy on the eyes; we can quickly skim them.
  3. lists are less threatening than long paragraphs. they’re less likely to contain complicated ideas and turns of phrases.
  4. numbered lists, especially when they’re a response to a problem, can give us a feeling of relief. only 5 things i need to do to get my energy back? sign me up!

what do you think? do you like lists? no? why or why not?

oh, and the reason why i’m writing about lists today is because i just took part in a little list writing project. well, maybe not so little. there were 67 of us, each offering a “list” post. i’ll, errr, list them all in a minute. by december 3, i’m supposed to tell which ones i like best.

why don’t you look them over and tell me which one i should vote for?

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