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how to deal with the swear jar

swear jar:a jar full of money!so we have a bit of a question here, maybe you can help us.

about six months ago, we started a swear jar. whenever someone swears, they need to put money into the jar. a buck for adults, fifty cents for kids.

now, thanks partly (ok, well, mostly) to the colourful language of yours truly, we have a bit of money accumulated.

what to do with it?

here are five ideas we’ve come with up so far. which one would you recommend? do you have a different idea?

the first three start out with giving the money to charity. but what kind of charity?

  1. a charity that we all like, like the SPCA (society for protection of animals), or the BC cancer agency. an argument for that one would be: we transform something foul into something good. argument against: would it actually encourage swearing?
  2. a charity towards which we feel neutral and to which we would normally not give. say, the rhododendron growers of canada. actually, i quite like rhodos, but i have no passionate feelings one way or the other towards that non-profit organization. argument for: we would still give the money away, to a cause that is at least not unworthy, and at the same time we would not get any satisfaction from giving the money away, thus not creating reinforcement of the swearing
  3. an organization we definitely do not support. maybe there is something like “young nazis of america”, or some sort of homophobic organization. that way, next time one of us thinks about swearing, we’ll think twice, because we certainly don’t want to support these kinds of people.

two more, really variations on the ones above. they might have a bit more ooomph, though.

  1. give the money directly to a person/persons who we don’t want to support.
  2. give the money directly to a person/persons who we do want to support.

over to you: what’s your advice?

this is also my entry into island life’s how to group writing project, about which i found out on jacob’s group writing site. island life is in very good company, by the way: darren over at problogger did a group writing project with the same title two years ago.

here are other entries to that project so far:

(image by allie)

happiness – a group writing project

happiness and exuberancea while ago, alex shalman interviewed 34 people on the subject of happiness. following up on this, he created the happiness project, a group writing project where everyone who wishes answers questions about what happiness is for them. these posts then are gathered on his blog, here.

below are my answers. and if you’d like to participate, read on for the guidelines to be part of this.

1. how do you define happiness?

happiness is whatever feels good and right. on a happy day, i go to bed with a feeling of contentment. i don’t regret anything and am resting in the knowledge that i have contributed to the world.

2. on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your happiness now, versus when you were a child?

that’s hard to say. childhoods are long and often arduous. mine was. on a gut level? my happiness is around an 8 now, and maybe a 5.5 when i was a child.

3. what do you do on a daily basis that brings you happiness? (and how consistent is the feeling of happiness throughout your day)

these are things that i maybe don’t do each and every day but definitely most of the time

  • contribute to the good of the world
  • spend time with people who i deeply appreciate and who deeply appreciate me – close friends and family
  • pray
  • write, especially poetry
  • connect with friends, including spending time on twitter
  • cook
  • sleep
  • dream
  • hug people
  • smile
  • laugh
  • remember how blessed i am
  • relaxing into the moment. experiencing and participating in what is, not what was or what will be.

how consistent is the feeling of happiness throughout the day? oh, that depends. i don’t think it often goes below 6, even when i’m in a depression.

4. what things take away from your happiness? what can be done to lessen their impact or remove them from your life?

they’re not things. they are my thoughts. it’s all in how i frame my experience. even when i’m challenged, for example when i’m overly tired, i know i can relax into the moment.

what can be done to lessen the impact of my unhelpful thoughts? often it just helps to remember that this, too, shall pass and that all in all, my life is pretty darn good. when it gets really uncomfortable – something that doesn’t happen that often anymore, thank god – then i like to remember what pema chodron suggests: go into the feeling, right into it. for example fear. where in my body does it sit? what is it like? go right into it, and it transforms.

by far the biggest problem is that i forget. unless i’m in deep doodoo, i forget that i have all these wonderful tools. of course that’s my mind again – this type of forgetting is self-sabotage.

take away the forgetting and at least half of the barriers against more happiness would be gone.

5. what do you plan on doing in the future that will bring you even more happiness?

the less i plan, the better. and there is nothing that brings me closer to where i need to be – happiness, fulfilment, groundedness, aliveness, whatever you want to call it – than being present, right there with the divinity of the moment.

how to deal with the forgetfulness – right now i am part of a support group that helps each other with frequent phone calls. so: i’m planning to discuss this with them.

most of all i want to keep remembering that it’s not all about my little happiness. my own individual happiness is meaningless without the context of others’ wellbeing. i don’t mean this in a codependent way. i can be perfectly happy walking around vancouver’s downtown eastside, surrounded by the suffering and misery of people deep in the throes of poverty, substance use and survival sex trade.

however, i can only do this with my heart, mind, eyes, arms and hands open. literally. if i’m unwilling to give in to the spontaneous desire to have a little chat with the toothless old native woman who has schizophrenia, and to buy her some smokes if i feel so moved and/or hug are at the end of it, i can’t say i’m truly happy.


so. wanna talk about happiness on your blog?

here’s how alex set it out:

group writing project guidelines

  1. answer the questions. in a new post answer the questions that you see above, while being as genuine and open as possible. i might not know you very well yet, but believe me, you are awesome, and i want your readers and my readers to be able to see this extraordinary side of you.
  2. overview and linkback. in the introduction of your post, go ahead and give a brief overview of what the happiness project is and where you happened to hear about it first. this is the part where i would appreciate if you linked back to this post, in order to let people know about the guidelines, and how they can participate. while your doing that, i would love it if you also linked to the main happiness project page, and gave people access to the full list of interviews and participants.
  3. tag your blog friends. the purpose of this project is to share it with as many people as possible and to spread the awareness about happiness all over the world. the best way you can help us do that, aside from answering the questions on your own blog, is to tag some of your blogging friends (no limit here, the more the merrier), and let them know to participate.
  4. comment here + i link to you. after you’ve successfully published your happiness project post on your blog, and linked back to this post, go ahead and leave a comment here to let me know you participated. what i will do is add a link to your entry into the main happiness project page as soon as i can. another bonus is that i’ll do periodic updates of where the happiness project is going, in which i’ll link to the newest group of participants. that means you get two links from a page rank 4 blog, and exposure to tens of thousands of people. good deal?

i invite these people – sort of randomly. if you’re not on the list, it’s not because i didn’t think of you, or because you’re not invited, it’s because i was too lazy to dig out your URL 🙂

anmol mehta

buddhist military

change your tree

elizabeth potts-weinstein

the people from the frozen pea fund

hootin’ annie

vivien from inspirationBit

jacob from the jobmob


lives less ordinary

middle zone musings

nancy zimmerman, the money coach

nickie from puppybraille

reiki digest

shy one

the middle way

urban monk

vegan feast kitchen

weight loss dude

karen zara

(image by estherase

social media mega project wrapup: twitter

robert scoble's twitter shirt imagetwo months ago, vivien at inspirationbit started the social media mega project. we are trying to create a place where all the social media wisdom is gathered together.

my job was to gather blog posts on twitter.

there are two social media tools that i feel quite passionate about. stumbleupon is one of them; the other is twitter. on twitter, i stay in contact with interesting people, with a mix of casual, funny, friendly, just-in-time and informative little tidbits. yes, no update can be over 140 characters. (great for haikus, by the way!)

here are the submissions:

my partner carol over at alphablogs posted lee lefevre’s great video on twitter. what a fun and simple intro to twitter!

epiblogger gives a cross-section of what “tweets” look like.

my blogger friend karen talks about why twitter may not be for everyone. for some people, those 140 characters are just too short.

glenda, one of my twitter buddies (remember her? she’s the misbehaving woman) thinks twitter is much more than instant messaging. it’s about building community.

simon on yeepage has a mini-series on twitter. if lee lefevre’s explanation is a bit too short for you and you want to see everything written down step-by-step, that’s the place for you to go.

another submission was by gregg – this one is interesting because it’s written on yet another microblog, tumblr.

sameer has written tons of posts on twitter. i like the one about twitter stats – partly because i’m a bit of a stats nut myself, and partly because it shows an example of the myriads of applications that have sprung up around twitter.

so that’s it for the submissions. i would have thought there’d be more (i’ve participated in group writing projects that had 100+ submissions) – if you’re interested in my thoughts on why that didn’t happen, check here on the other blog i write for, alphablogs.

other than that, i just couldn’t help it, i had to look around for a few more posts that talk about twitter (btw, technorati shows 16,000+ tags for twitter, and a google blog search returns over 3 million hits). here they are:

(btw, the other participants in this project are – for del.icio.us: aaron stroud from on financial success; for facebook: ina from inspiring wear; for flickr & zooomr: brian auer from epic edits; for stumbleupon, youtube, myspace: karen zara from a1-fan-fun; for sphinn. simonne from all tips and tricks; for second life: dandellion from metaverse; for mixx, netscape, squidoo: pearl from fresh perspectives; for sk*rt, blogging zoom, bvibes: jhs from colloquium; for digg, reddit: vivien at inspirationbit; and for technorati: monica at me like the interweb.)

social media megaproject: twitter

good monday, everyone!twitter

many of you know how much i like twitter, the social media site. (if you’ve never been there, go visit here; if you’re looking for me there, you can find me here.)

that’s why i’m really happy to be one of the hosts in my friend vivien’s social media mega project over at inspirationbit. i’m going to be hosting the twitter part of it (and actually also the LinkedIn part, over on alphablogs.)

sidebar – what is social media?

social media incorporates the online technology and methods through which people can share content, personal opinions, swap different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media in itself.

social media website content can come in many shapes and forms:

text – text is often used to put across opinions or write blog posts
images – images and photos can display anything from holiday photos to shots by professional photographers.
audio – social media lets you create podcasts for users to download.
video – video sites mean that you’ll be able to record a video of your child’s birthday for friends all over the world to see.

(thanks to big mouth media for this definition)

in this group writing project, each hosting blogger hosts a section of this project dedicated to one specific social media site. then all participants will join forces by putting together all the pieces to publish what vivien calls the “ultimate list of resources on social media sites.”

so … do you have experience with twitter? share with us how you work and play with twitter. here are a few ideas:

how do you integrate twitter into your blogging, work and/or life? what are your good or bad experiences? how would you compare twitter with other social media sites? what do you and don’t you like about twitter? how did you benefit from becoming a frequent user? what secrets have you learned?

tell us about it!

here are the guidelines:

  1. write a post on your blog about twitter.
  2. contact me with your name, email and a permalink to your post. if you don’t have your own blog, you can always write a guest post on my blog, or simply send me your thoughts by contacting me in person.
  3. once i collect the links from all participants and publish them on my blog, you can write another post and link to either all or only your favourite articles by other bloggers.
  4. you can contribute one article per project/site. you are more than welcome to visit other participating blogs that host projects dedicated to the different social media sites we are talking about and take part in those projects by submitting your articles about other social networking sites.
  5. here are two more guidelines, added after talking to a few more people:

  6. if you want to submit an article that talks about more than one social media site, that’s fine, but you can only submit it once, to one host.
  7. if you’d like to submit an article that was written in the past, please make sure that the information is still current, and please edit the article to show the link to the overall project as well the link to the host to which you are submitting the article.

the project runs until march 22, 2008. on march 24, 2008, vivien from InspirationBit will collect all the posts in one big super mega hyper article about social media. (NOTE: these dates have been extended from their orginal february dates.)

and if you’re curious what other social media we’re looking at, here is the complete list. if you have experience with any of these sites, please write about it and submit the post to the respective blogger.

a gallery of compassion

you may remember that a little while ago, i participated in the compassion project put together by the three monks. we were all asked about presenting our unique thoughts, definitions and views of compassion. i wrote about compassion and social media.

this group writing project has come to an end. i’d like to present to you some of the ideas that came up, and give you the list of all the people who participated.

so first, here are some samples:

at the new horizons project, a challenge to reach further with our compassion

how many people notice when others are struggling and suffering at home or at work and consciously do something about it? if you answered yes to that question then think how often you extend that same compassion to others outside of your normal relationships.

paula talks about “i am that“, an important buddhist approach.

this particular brand of i am that awareness started while i was listening to the radio (something i rarely do) while driving my daughter to preschool one day. a popular song written by meredith brooks in the nineties called, “bitch”, came on.

i’m a bitch, i’m a tease
i’m a goddess on my knees
when you hurt, when you suffer
i’m your angel undercover
i’ve been numbed, i’m revived
can’t say i’m not alive
you know i wouldn’t want it any other way

dreambuilders gives us this to think about:

we all conceal love behind the shadow we create for ourselves. we aren’t meant to turn our back on it. we need to learn to work through it.

at good life zen, the connection between compassion and forgiveness is investigated. are some things too hard to forgive?

the four young men who killed amy were pardoned and released from prison in 1998 after serving four years. soon after that, two of them, easy nofomela and ntebecko penny, made contact with amy’s parents. you can imagine how hard it was for linda and peter to meet face to face with the killers of their daughter. but when they saw how bleak their prospects were, they decided to offer help and support to easy and ntebecko. they started training as builders in one of the biehls’ programmes and have since been involved with a construction company that the biehls started.

evan remembers the lessons wecan learn from early christians, the desert fathers:

compassion embraces truth – it doesn’t allow us the luxury of sentimentality and illusion. we do not have the luxury of pretending that our society is better or worse than it is. compassion demands that we deal with the practical details of suffering and the nitty gritty of what creates suffering.

i really enjoyed samir’s post, who looks at the connection between art and compassion.

compassion is a deep awareness of, and a sympathy with, someone else’s suffering. that is the traditional definition, but really compassion is much broader than that. compassion is an innate sense of empathy with things and people outside of ourselves ” not just their suffering but their feelings, their thinking, and their situation. to be compassionate is to see, feel, and sense beyond yourself. it is this broader sense of compassion that truly makes us human. what would such a thing have to do with the ballet of swan lake and musical fountains? i thought you’d never ask.

read on! samir will tell you what it is …

finally, of course i had to go to this blog – you know how i feel about fractals! “compassion,” says this artist, “begins with myself.”

compassion, for me, is about one simple thing: allowing, instead of trying. it is accepting situations as they are, and just letting things flow naturally. yes, in such a state a deep empathy for all living beings arises within, but that is just a byproduct of allowing oneself to see the world from a natural and accepting viewpoint. compassion is also about embracing creativity, expressing the self naturally without any restraints.

so, friends, i this was a little glimpse into this beautiful gallery of compassion. now please, come on in, take your time, and savour all of these delicious posts:

ben lumley at the new horizons project.

kris vockler at beyond zen.

corinne edwards at personal growth with corinne edwards.

paula kawal at journey inward coaching.

liara covert at dream builders.

david bohl at slow down fast.

deb estep at deb_inside.

swami nirmalananda giri and reddyk at the atma jyoti blog.

mary jaksch at goodlife zen.

takuin minamoto at daily action and natural expression.

robin at reflections on compassion, posted at yogini myspace blog.

karen zara at abaminds.

jenny mannion at heal pain naturally.

evan hadkins at wellbeingandhealth.net.

shawn williamson at do you live or simply exist.

patricia singleton at spiritual journey of a lightworker.

alex blackwell at the next 45 years.

akemi gaines at gratitude magic.

vitor bosshard at the fractal forest.

cg walters at into the mist.

john torcello has also contributed an entry by email, i’ve included it in the comments below.

brightdays at brighter days for you and me!

karen at loving awareness.

krista at lucid amphibology.

karen lynch at live the power.

andrea hess at empowered soul.

waters at waters: the last thing i wanted to give.

eric grey at deepest health.

stephen hopson at adversity university.

em dy at pulse: intention to treat.

iain hamp at follow your passions.

rahul at raw speak.

stephen miracle at altnoise.net.

pearl at interesting observations.

mark at my tropical escape.

matthew at loving awareness.

daylle schwartz at lessons from a recovering doormat.

charities link at charities link.

mihaela lica at pamil visions ewritings.

david at virginia breeze.

jerry summers at nothing like now.

wishbone at wishbone.

arvind devalia at make things happen.

samir bharadwaj at samir bharadwaj dot com.

compassion and social media

the three wise men the three monks are inviting us to write about compassion.

compassion: literally, to suffer (passion) with (com-) another. in latin, this suffering did not only refer to the suffering that occurs in pain, it also generally refers to things that we don’t actively instigate – things that happen to us, things that we let happen (for example, as in “suffer the children”).

so in a sense, compassion means to experience together.

i want to talk a little about how compassion happens in social media. right now, for example, artist, blogger, second lifer and social media activist susan reynolds is going through cancer surgery. she found out she has cancer a few weeks ago and the twittosphere has been rallying around her in an amazing show of support.

frankly, i wish i could show my support a bit more but there’s this part of me that’s quite taken up by thinking of my “own” cancer story – my soul sister h., who has been battling this beast for years and it’s very, very hard.

i’ve thought a bit lately about the idea of giving of what we don’t have, how that is a truly walking on the path of goodness (partly inspired by one of the three monks, i think, but i forgot which post it was). there isn’t much thinking-about-breast-cancer energy left in me – but writing this right now makes me wonder … can i give that little bit away, too? am i doing that right now?

back to compassion in social media. a few weeks ago, ZDNet’s marc orchant suffered a massive heart attack and then passed away. an early death. the twittosphere and the blogosphere were there to send good thoughts and wishes while marc was struggling to stay around, and they were there when he passed.

my own experience with this was in the spring, when my grandson took such a long time to make his appearance. it was lovely to have my social media friends accompany us on that journey. many of them were my friends from the vancouver bloggers meetup – social media friends in a very rich sense. we are social together through media, and we commune/communicate both via social media (twitter, blogs, facebook, stumbleupon) and face to face.

we experience together in community. compassion.


this is part of a group writing project. it was good for me to write this post, regardless of the fact that this is a meme. but just in case you’re curious or would like to participate, here is the background, which i’ve simply copied and pasted from albert’s blog:

write something on compassion. it could be anything you want,for example your definition of compassion. still, in the spirit of christmas, extra points will be awarded if there is a personal touch – because we want to connect in compassion.

some ideas could be what you have done or will do for someone. or perhaps the best kindness anyone has ever shown you.

with thanks to the now watch, we’re able to give some christmas gifts to the best story and reaction. we’ve got a total of 6 watches to give away, so the top 6 stories will each be sent a watch, as our thanks for sharing.

why the now watch?
this is one of the most important lessons one could ever learn, one that we are glad is going spreading across the planet. the vast majority of our unhappiness is caused by dwelling in the past, or trying to anticipate the future.

most of our mental suffering is caused by thoughts such as:
the past: “i wish this never happened / they never did that.”
the future: “i hope that doesn’t happen.” “when i get this, then i will be at peace.”

this is absurd, because the only time is now. when the future gets here, it will be now.

the past only exists as memory. being in the now – that is the path towards the end of suffering.

this watch is a tool towards being in the now – every time you check the time, you’ll realise that the present moment is all we have. and our painful mental habits begin to unravel.

the rules of the game
this is a joint effort by the three monks – wade of the middle way, kenton of zen-inspired self development, and albert of urban monk.net. the watches are kindly provided by the coolest timepiece company ever – the now watch.

to participate –
1) write a post as described above. you’re encouraged, although not required, to link to all three of the judges.
2) contact any one of us, either by emailing, or leaving a comment in one of the judge’s posts.
3) you’re encouraged also to spread the word, tag your friends, and ask them to participate.
4) on 5 january 2008, the three judges will look at all the entries, pick the winners, and publish a list, so we can all share the links and traffic.
5) the results will be posted on 10 january 2008 on all three judge’s blogs. winners will be contacted for mailing address details so we can send them to you!

so i guess i should tag someone. i think i’ll just be lazy and copy from my best of the list post:

6 steps to take writing ideas from wordpress themes by karen zara

ten things i didn’t know until last week by blaiq

to do to make tomorrow better by bob

40 ways to make your mind your playground by fier

best 101 lists by pearl

list of classes by priscilla palmer

100 sites i seek inspiration from by iain hamp

7 tricks you need to fight procrastination by samir bharadwaj

the quitter’s checklist by em dy

150 funniest resume mistakes, bloopers and blunders ever by jacob share

100 resources to improve your career, relationships and money by lawrence cheok

(this post can be found in the resource for bloggers, 5th edition)


happy 2nd birthday, change therapy!

happy second birthdayooops! i totally forgot my birthday – i mean, my blog birthday. today, december 19, it’s been two years that i’ve been writing on this blog. so i decided to go back to my 1st birthday post and rewrite it, in the light of the last 366 days.

it’s been an interesting 132,000 words to write (that’s how many words i estimate have accumulated here in the last year – about 24,000 more than last year)

what was the most surprising thing? i hadn’t anticipated i would merge my web site with my blog. from a technical point of view, that was a good thing. however, the “pages” section of this site (the old static web site) still feels a bit orphaned and static.

participating in some great memes and group writing projects has been a real boon. i got to know a lot of people through them. just to name a few examples, there is priscilla palmer’s personal development blog list, the W list, InspirationBit’s group writing project on – well, inspiration, and the fabulous 6-word project at middlezonemusings.

i still haven’t run out of topics – in fact, i have more than i can handle. sometimes i wonder whether i’m too general. but what can i say, i’m actually quite happy with the range of topics. here are the topics i was thinking about discussing on my last birthday post:

there’s an entry about a cognitive psychologist who has done research on our ancestors’ thinking – how people ten thousands of years ago used their brains. a book review about the supposed inherent violence of men. thoughts on men and obesity. on the difference between faith and hope.

i did write about the first topic – still love that image of the cavewoman, isn’t it great?

and i see that i still haven’t written a review of neil boyd’s book the beast within. i should do that soon – even more than a year after reading it, the book still stands out as an important contribution to both psychology and sociology.

men and obesity? not a thing. get on it, isabella! especially since nancy asked me to write more on overeating.

difference between faith and hope? meh. doesn’t sound very interesting right now (although who knows, maybe you’ll see me eat my words next month.)

other things i might write about are sam harris’ neurology paper on “primitive” beliefs and more on these topics: what and how to eat when recovering from anorexia, on quitting smoking, creative people, and on counselling theory, especially countertransference.

last year, i said i was happy how comments and conversations had started to happen and “if i would have been a little more confrontational, they probably would have happened faster.” there was a tiny bit of confrontation here and there, on the first article on the taser death here in vancouver, for example. but really, i’m not much into confrontation.

and stats – just like last year, an article on anorexia and sex had the most page views. the post on st. augustine, darwin, plato and freud had people glued to the monitor for the longest time, and one of the understanding “i don’t know” articles had the best exit rate (i.e. people didn’t get fed up with reading my blog after reading that post). it’s also nice to report that on december 19, 2007 i had six times more traffic than on december 19, 2006!

these were the things on my wish list for the blog last year

  • have some guest columnists
  • do more memes
  • have some sort of meaningful collaboration with other bloggers
  • have more conversations through comments – my goal is to have at least as many comments as posts by the end of february

i’m happy to report that all of it happened.

for the coming year, i’d like to

  • explore the possibility of monetizing the blog
  • do at least one big group writing project
  • get that #$&(@$ do follow plugin working
  • explore more interaction with readers – more comments but also more … what? social media type interactions? let’s see.

and again i’ll ask you, readers: what would you like to see more of, less of?

… following up on InspirationBit’s suggestion, this post became part of the blogging goals group writing project on daily blog tips. here is the list of people who participated in it.

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