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torture in afghanistan: who are our enemies?

my vancouver blogger friend jonathan narvey has a discussion about the current allegations that the canadian military looked the other way when people they had detained in afghanistan were transferred to afghani prisons where the canadian military knew, or should have known, that the detainees would be tortured. please see jonathan’s article and various comments, including two from myself, here.

among others, jonathan referred to the taliban as “our enemies.” to that i said:

they are not OUR enemies. they are the enemies of a country in dire need of peace and democracy. our enemies, as the enemies of the world all over, are despotism, poverty, fanaticism, lack of education, misogyny and war.

jonathan replied that

our enemies are more than conceptual

i’d like to use this space to think about this a bit.

“the problem is the problem. people are not the problem” is one tenet frequently cited in psychology, in various forms (e.g. “i like you but not your behaviour XYZ.”)

so i see three things right now:

1. if we want to move away from the conceptual then we have to admit that “enemies” refers to people. who are these people? THE taliban? (or in the past, THE russians, THE germans, etc.) “the” taliban is a movement – a vague word if there ever was one – comprised of people from afghanistan and pakistan as well as uzbekistan, chechnya, etc. what we know about movements, especially authoritarian ones, is that the vast majority of people involved in them became members not because of sober decisionmaking but because of necessity, sentimentality (e.g. misunderstood religiosity/fanaticism), coercion or other unsavoury reasons. is the 13-year-old hero-worshipping boy our enemy? the father of 9 children who doesn’t know how to feed them? the grandfather who was told in no uncertain ways that he needs to join or else?

no, “the” taliban are not my enemies.

2. in fact, the word “enemy” does not work for me. as soon as i have an enemy, i give myself permission to treat her or him as unworthy of living. “the enemy” is not my problem.

3. but i agree that abstract concepts are not useful either.

so why don’t we say it like that:

people who rape, maltreat, murder, beat, torture, subjugate and commit other crimes need to be stopped and measures need to be put in place to prevent them from committing more crimes – through rehabilitation, incarceration or a combination of them.  (not through torture)

some of these people are in afghanistan. not all of them.  some of them are taliban. not all of them.

i am grateful that our military is trying to deal with the people who literally commit crimes against humanity.  it’s a very difficult job.  in all difficult jobs, mistakes are made.  i think it’s possible that one of the mistakes was to hand over detainees to prisons where torture was commonplace.  we need to look at that because if we don’t we, too, commit an act of criminal negligence.

light a candle for tibet – and for so much more

today, august 7th 2008, is the day before the opening ceremony of the olympic games in beijing. on this day, millions of people from all over the world will light a candle and say yes to freedom in tibet! find out more here on the candles for tibet site.

i know, this is a bit of a repeat from my post yesterday but this is important enough to repeat it.  important things need to be repeated, and thought and talked about over and over again.

what i’m thinking today: yes, this is about tibet.  about lighting the candle of freedom in the black night of oppression.

it’s also about lighting the candle of peace activism in the dim chaos of war, aggression and lovelessness.

it’s about lighting the candle of thoughtfulness and reflection in the shadowland of olympic consumerism.

it’s about lighting the candle of beauty  amidst despair and bleakness.

and because it’s also about lighting the candle of healing in nights of pain and sorrow, i’d like to invite my fellow hosts from the carnival of healing to rise up together and each to bring healing thoughts and light to the world on this special day.

here they are:

jaelin k. reece
christopher stewart
evelyn rodriguez
lucy macdonald
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daylle deanna schwartz
julie meyer
jenn givler
yael ernst
joe lasiter
tonie konig
cynthia quarta

blogathon: they’re all fighting the good fight

canadian mental health associationus vancouver bloggers aren’t the only ones who are participating in the blogathon. thanks to the wonderful organizing powers of day of blogs, people all over the internet are fighting the good fight and blogging for causes. here they are:

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