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miscellaneous thoughts – addiction, books, and new years resolutions

oh boy, i haven’t posted in ages! let’s have some random stuff here then:

stuff #1 – we are on vacation in arizona right now – on our last leg, in a tiny place called congress, which is close to wickenburg with the huge population count of 5,000. supposedly, wickenburg is known for its fancy addiction treatment centres. i had a quick look at the websites of four of them but so far nothing looks like something i would recommend. as much as i think the 12 steps are great, i have a problem with them being a required part of a treatment centre. that’s not how the 12 steps work. and i have a problem with a treatment centre where the only books you’re allowed to read are AA’s big book and the bible. but i guess it works for some people.

stuff #2 – been thinking a lot lately about how to keep blogging and partaking in social media. to what degree do i want to contribute to the overwhelming symphony (cacophony?) of virtual voices out there? how will i help make the world a better place if i do that?

stuff #3 – the second edition of my poetry book is out. should i have a l(a)unch party? oh, that’s so much work. i totally don’t feel like organizing ANYTHING right now. but you know what, that book is darn good. it was fun to look at it four years later and to spruce it up a bit.

stuff #4 – i am reading – i am reading – i am reading – ok, i’m gonna say it, i am reading eat pray love right now. yup. i finally did it, grabbed the book off my sister-in-law’s shelf and went to it. it’s actually not that bad – there are a few neat ideas in there so far. for example the petition to god. will it make my “best books of 2011” list? no.

stuff #5 – oh, but HERE is a book that will make the list – alistair mchoag’s rollercoaster memoir invisible driving about his life with bipolar disorder. holy razmatazz! no need to be interested in mental illness to read that book, all you need is a love of reading. a review is coming up, and i’ll have to gather all my half and quarter wits to come up with something interesting after all the rave reviews he already has.

sleepingstuff #6 – resolutions. resolutions? i don’t know. i engaged in a bit of a rant against the typical approach to them in an interview with CBC parenting columnist michelle eliot the other day. more and more, i prefer themes rather than resolutions – ideas or actions i wouldn’t mind pursuing in the coming year, without going crazy about it for three weeks and then slacking off (“i will exercise of 60 minutes every day!”, “i’ll stop smoking forever!”). so two themes i’m proposing for this year is to slow down, and then to slow down some more. and extermination. of guilt.

aaah. slowing down. maybe i should stop now and go to bed.

and you?

the STORR game

need to shake up your brain a bit? play the STORR game – STOp-Reflect-Realize:

what to do: print out a few copies of this page, and then tuck them away in places where you’ll stumble across them in the next week or so. whenever you come across this sheet:

stop – reflect – realize

you can do this in your head, or you can do it in writing. you’ll find a spot for writing down some notes at the end of this post.

rules of the game:
1) anything goes
2) try to be as honest as you can


when i stopped, i was doing/thinking/feeling/seeing/hearing/ smelling/tasting/sensing this:

that friggin car down the alley again, with its mufler of.

we’re applying the “anything goes” rule: it doesn’t have to be “important”; it’s only for you so swearing etc. is perfectly fine if you feel like it; nobody cares if there are spelling or grammar mistakes.

then i thought about this for a while, and these are my thoughts:

i always get so angry when i hear lowd noises like that even as a child i did that. i wish i was like marcy she doesn’t give a hoot about stuff like that, she’ll sleep through anything. i hate this noice, and i hate feeling so angry about it.

then i mulled it around for a bit and then it occurred to me that

hey, wait a second, maybe i get so angry about this because my grandmother and my uncle always fought when i was little, and i couldn’t sleep, but they always, always hushed me up. i’m still angry about that, too! to be honest, i wanna scream and shout too! betty said the other day that i don’t have to reackt anymore the way i did when i was a child so maybe one day i won’t have to get so angry anymore when i hear lowd noises. wouldn’t that be awsom!

note: we’re applying the rule about honesty.

okay, so now it’s your turn.

oh, and let us know if you came up with anything interesting!


STOP – when i stopped, i was doing, thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or sensing this:



REFLECT – these thoughts and emotions came up as i reflected on it:



REALIZE – then i mulled this around for a bit and it occurred to me that



(and if you want to, you can add this:) and from now on, i am going to



(that’s the last “R” – for renovate)

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