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from my online dossier: pull down a vacuous email!

aaah, you gotta love spammers.  here is a particularly lovely comment i received.  i just wanna cuddle mittlestone!  see the bold parts for extra tasty word morsels.

a lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account someone is concerned a notable side of their traffic. returning visitors are easier to transfigure into paying customers because the more instances they turn back to a situate, the more confidence they comprise in that site. the credibility consummation impartial melts away. away, board your visitors coming ignore to your plot with the following methods:

1) start a forum, chatroom or shoutbox
when you start a forum, chatroom or shoutbox, you are providing your visitors a position to make known their opinions and interact with their peers ” all of them are visitors of your site. as conversations physique up, a wisdom of community will also tail and your visitors choice chance upon back to your location on the brink of religiously every day.

2) start a web log (blog)
keep an online dossier, or more commonly known as a blog, on your spot and obey it updated with latest news less yourself. kind-hearted beings are interested creatures and they thinks fitting support their eyes glued to the monitor if you transmit disrespectful info frequently. you will also increase up your credibility as you are proving to them that there is also a real sustenance mortal physically behind the website.

3) carry doused polls or surveys
polls and surveys are other forms of interaction that you should clearly ruminate on adding to your site. they yield an instantaneous character exchange for visitors to present their opinions and to take complicated in your website. be sure to publish polls or surveys that are strongly to the point to the butt peddle of your website to keep them interested to chance out far the results.

4) deem puzzles, quizzes and games
ethical imagine how many intermediation workers table at work every day, and you desire be skilful to guide how diverse people force keep visiting your orientation if you anticipate an uncommonly interesting or addicting acquiesce of entertainment. you can also imprison competitions to grant the sybaritic droves winner to hoard up people demanding continuously to earn the prize.

5) update as often as not with untried substance
update your locale time again with fresh soothe so that every lifetime your visitors come up requital, they will have something to infer from on your site. this is the most widely known and most efficient method of attracting returning visitors, but this is also the least carried out unified because of the laziness of webmasters. no the same will hanker after to look over a site that looks the same throughout ten years, so keep your place updated with different bites!

pull down a let go ebook that would appear you how to prevail upon $50 daily.

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merry christmas, spammers!

beautiful christmas lights over the citya few years ago on easter, first united church in vancouver’s downtown eastside carried a cross through the neighbourhood. it was a big, simple cross – and there were needles stuck all over it. the christ of the drug addicts. an image i will never forget.

there is much about the message of the new testament that i don’t comprehend. one thing that i get, though, is that jesus hung out and opened his arms to the underdogs – nah, to the dogs that were so low, they were kicked by the underdogs. he offered himself to the lowest and dumbest of thieves, to the cheapest of hookers, to the stinkiest of lepers.

if christmas is where this message of peace, hope, joy and love began, then to whom would jesus direct his message on the internet? who are the lowest of the low?

the spammers, the child pornographers, the trolls, the nigerian scammers.

peace, hope, joy and love to the nigerian scammers, many of whom are motivated by the desperation that grows in countries riddled with unimaginable poverty, disease and violence.

peace, hope, joy and love to the child pornographers, many of whom are driven by an appetite they don’t know how to control, and many of whom have had disturbing experiences when they were children. there but for the grace of god go those of us who have experienced some healing around such experiences.

peace, hope, joy and love to the trolls, who want to be part of the blogging community. they have strong opinions and strong feelings. they do something that many of us would secretly like to do – just blurt it all out.

and peace, hope, joy and love to the spammers, who are driven by a desire to find the pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow. haven’t most of us had dreams like this, in one shape or another?

i don’t know any of you – spammers, child pornographers, nigerian scammers, trolls. again, that is the sign of the lowest of the low – they are nameless, faceless, we have no connection with them. so how can i reach out? how can we connect? how can we get to know each other? i was going to say, how can i reach out without getting hurt? but i don’t remember jesus saying that. so reaching out is risky …

perhaps a small risk i can incur is to let my guard down for even a moment. i think i’ll disable akismet for a few minutes. let at least some spammers in. see if there is a way of connecting.

merry christmas to all.

(photo by darcie of interestingness)