the best of the lists

today is the deadline for letting luciano know which are my favourite list posts, so that he can get on with his group writing project.

i’m not feeling very well today, so i’ll just give you my top 11 posts. yup, didn’t want to narrow it down any more. tomorrow i’ll hopefully feel well enough to tell you what i liked so much about my favourite one of them all.

6 steps to take writing ideas from wordpress themes by karen zara

ten things i didn’t know until last week by blaiq

to do to make tomorrow better by bob

40 ways to make your mind your playground by fier

best 101 lists by pearl

list of classes by priscilla palmer

100 sites i seek inspiration from by iain hamp

7 tricks you need to fight procrastination by samir bharadwaj

the quitter’s checklist by em dy

150 funniest resume mistakes, bloopers and blunders ever by jacob share

100 resources to improve your career, relationships and money by lawrence cheok

7 thoughts on “the best of the lists

  1. Karen Zara

    Oh, you’ve voted for my list! Thank you very, very much!

    Incidentally, I have also voted for yours. A few minutes after publishing my votes I found your trackback in my moderation queue, approved it, came to your blog and had this great surprise. Thank you again! 🙂

  2. Maddy

    Far be it from me, but does this mean that you are encouraging our obsessive compulsive tendencies!
    Perish the thought!

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