vote for mental health

vote for mental health!

what mental health issue needs to go on the government’s agenda? if you have opinions about that – and i hope you do – and if you’re canadian, you can now participate in an e-consultation put up by health canada.

the questions are

  • do we need a mental health commission?
  • what should this commission focus on? what should it do?
  • who should be on any advisory committees?

of course, you guys know me – one of the things that’s way up on my agenda is the need for people with mental health issues to be heard and to have their experience and expertise count.

what’s your beef about mental health and mental illness? tell us here, and most importantly, vote here! you have until january 25, so please, go there as soon as you can.

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8 thoughts on “vote for mental health

  1. Farina

    Thank you for informing Canadians about the opportunity to vote for a critical service i.e. our mental health!

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer

    “Gosh, this is a very big and global issue. Isn’t even negative thinking a mental illness.
    So we all have some form of mental illness.
    Would love to talk about this further. Thanks for the information.”


  3. Emma-Louise

    I feel strongly that something needs to be done about the mentally ill who are homeless – especially the growing community in Vancouver. As well, stress and depression are huge in our Western society – varying degrees – and this needs to be recognized and something done.

  4. isabella mori

    i just wanted to thank anyone who took the trouble to give their 2 cents’ worth. some people posted a comment here; quite a few emailed me privately. thanks so much!!!

    yes, there is a big percentage of people who are homeless and have a disability, and often their mental health is severely compromised. no wonder, of course – even if you start out semi healthy mentally, the tough life of being homeless can really grind you down. contrary to what is often believed, homelessness is rarely a choice.

    regarding stress and depression … i often think that if we were to attack the reasons for this, it would turn into a revolution …

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  6. isabella mori

    hi bradley … these automatic “posts from the archive” are really useful, it’s almost like a random reminder, especially when someone comments – because i’m not sure whether i’ve seen the outcome of this yet. after all, it’s more than 18 months later. so i’ll go check.

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