self-righteous in surrey

“if teachers are going to use the film an inconvenient truth in the classroom, they should also have access to another documentary which challenges the academy-award winning movie’s premise, says a local school trustee.”

this, my friends, we can find under the heading “school trustee demands ‘balance’ over gore movie use“.


let me get this off my political chest right away: these are the same people who weren’t that hot for balance when it came to balancing out the school library, to include among the 99.9% heterosexual books a few that also talk about same sex couples.

so this is me getting self-righteous. (and i feel pretty good about it! nothing as invigorating as a good dose of self-righteousness, says my daughter’s partner, ray)

but – whenever i get self righteous, there’s this little part of me that says, ok, you’re accusing someone (of hypocrisy, delusion and sheer stupidity, for starters), then you might as well take that as an opportunity to see where you’re not perfect. whoever throws the first stone and all that.

as painful as it is, yes, i have to admit that i’m not perfect. i’m not always congruent, and i bet that sometimes looks like hypocrisy to others. there are moments when i don’t like looking a particular truth in the eye, and that leads me to self-delusion. sometimes i’m straight-out dumb (like yesterday, when i just wouldn’t admit to my friend ava that her boyfriend’s and her ages, with him being 7 years older than her 52, do indeed add up to 111. “2 and 7 is 9, not 11!” i said to her. oh, get a grip, isabella).

it’s like driving. when you run a yellow light, you probably say, “oh good, i made it!”. the guy behind you, on the other hand, may see you as yet another example of bad driving in vancouver and natter about it all day.

our behaviour usually makes sense to us; to others, they’re often transgressions to get self-righteous over. it’s all a matter of perspective.

sometimes. maybe even often.

but i sure hope that if i ever do something as hypocritical, deluded, and sheer stupid as using the word “balance” to justify my political agenda, there will be someone out there to set me straight!

isabella mori
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p.s. there is an update to this here at de smog blog.

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