old train makes me dreamy

an abandoned locomotive in panama


i’m one of those people who can react quite emotionally to certain images. this one, found at sixwise through my stumbleupon toy, evokes a whole story, a big mood, memories, feelings …

the delicious, peaceful, dreamy feeling of bathing in warm, moist grass, glowing emerald-green leaves all round and sun sun sun everywhere

memories of writing my one of my first short stories, about a network of abandoned trainways in then east berlin

memories that seem to reach even farther, that make me wonder whether there is such a thing as past-life memories; colonial places such as panama (and new orleans, and paraguay, and argentina, and cuba, and india and …) always touch me with such deep, puzzling nostalgia

a mood of sweet laziness

and – a magical mystery tour, of sorts? i wonder what it is that makes me – and others, too, i think – feel so magically touched by such old picture stories. is it that they have us imagine a rich, old past? are we intrigued by the transformation from shiny new technology to forgotten, overgrown and yet somehow still glowing castaway?

isabella mori
counselling in vancouver

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