anorexia and sex survey – part 3

okay, let’s move on to part 3 of the survey on anorexia and sex. we already talked about the “thrill” of looking at pictures of anorexic women that some people experience. we should also note, however, that there were quite a few responses that indicated concern and empathy. the word “sad” came up numerous times (e.g., “they look unhealthy, and that makes me sad to see”). other indications of concern were

  • i think it’s sad. i got to this site from a link … not from searching for this topic. i almost can’t stand to look at even anorexics in bathing suits because it upsets me quite a bit.
  • the first link that you showed – extremely thin models – i saw them as sexy but unhealthy. interesting to look at but if they were my friend i would encourage them to eat more and just be physically fit. if they were my partner i would be very concerned that it had gotten to that point.
  • really skeletal ones are indeed sick and in need of urgent help.

others saw beauty, either because they enjoy the female/human form in general, or because of a fascination with thin bodies:

  • i enjoy looking at all female bodies regardless of size or weight.
  • as an artist, i view an anorexic nude as i do any other nude figure: objectively and without prejudice.
  • all women are beautiful. there’s just something elegant and proportioned about very thin women.
  • beauty at its best.

these quotes already hint at an interest in anorexia not only from the point of view simply of sexual attraction but also as an allure in itself. nine respondents spoke directly to that, for example:

  • i am an anorexic, although there is much ‘thinspiration’ online i was looking for something more extreme. also men always say that women without curves are completely unattractive in any sexual way. however, i don’t believe them, i think there must be millions of men that see the beauty of anorexia.
  • i’m a gay woman, and i admit, i’m obsessed with being thin. the slim models in the first set of pictures are very sexy to me, extremely attractive body type. i can’t help that, it’s what i feel. the skeletal one isn’t sexual for me, but it does make me want to be thinner. it’s a competitive thing i think.
  • seeing anorexic nudes expose the supreme control that they have over their bodies, that their bodies propose no limitation. they are not held back. in some ways i find this so beautiful.
  • anorexia is sexy … delicate and fragile. also i find it attractive when someone is willing to go to a lot of work and maintenance to maintain they way they look. being anorexic is hard, being a tubby lump shows that you don’t care at all about how you look, at least not enough to do anything about it.
  • those pictures give a sort of inspiration, most of all… kind of hope… that hope that says to me that one day i’m going to be thin, not as a skeleton, just that i’m going to be capable to dress all kind of pretty stuff and i’m gong to feel ok.
  • i don’t look at that. more just anorexic people for inspiration.

in the last installation, i will give you a few more statistics and will try to make sense of this all.

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