celebrating our relationships

at our fireside chat at sacred space yesterday, we had bobby o’neal as a guest. bobby has a fascinating story. he is a professional forester, a real guys’ guy – and he’s come up with a relationship game. it’s called syncrohearts – check out his web site. it was great to hear about the process of dreaming up the game (literally – it came to him during mediation), “coming out” with it (can you imagine, here he is with his logger buddies and he says, “hey guys, i’ve designed a relationship game!”) and then building the business.

what i like about the game is that while it is primarily about romantic relationships, it can also be about any kind of relationship. it only takes 45 minutes, 1 hour to play, and it can be played on different levels. you can do it in a really lighthearted way, or you can use it as an opportunity to really delve deeply into your relationship. bobby also sees these relationships in a broader context – it’s not just about two people but also, in a subtle way, about how our personal relationships influence the world around us. this is beautifully hinted at in the graphics for the game, which feature doves of peace and an image of the globe – mother earth. i realize only now how fitting this is because bobby is also deeply concerned with having a good relationship with his natural environment.

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