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remember yesterday? i wrote the post inspired by little emily, the toddler who really seems to know what having fun in life is all about. well, on the heels of this comes an email from my friend ken, the happiness guy. he’s got his own blog now!

here are a two samples:

ClutterMind: The Unexamined Scourge
There is a blight on the land and in our minds. A relentless, eternally patient and everpresent interloper that saps the concentration of many. Most of us have experienced its symptoms: confusion; inability to focus; forgotten goals; the chaos of cluttered thinking. This master of mayhem I call ClutterMind.

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The road to happiness
Happiness and I were so unacquainted in my younger years that I firmly believed its portrayal in movies, books, articles, etc. was false, just a fairy tale tease.

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ken also sent me a link to this web site that has tons of articles on happiness, some quite good, some a little on the kooky side. i liked this one on happiness on the web.

Why do you have a website? Is it your dream to share your ideas with the world? Do you feel you have a product or service that can help society run more smoothly? Do you feel lonely and feel that the Internet is finally a place to connect with others? Do you just want to express yourself to the world and if no one checks it out its O.K, because it has helped you to know yourself better? Each and every website on the Internet is a human being attempting to move forward on their life’s path

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