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cardin at optimistlab tagged me the other day with the simply successful secrets experiment (get the details here; it was started by aaron potts at todayisthatday, and it came to cardin via karen lynch at livethepower; it’s also been featured in amsall’s inspirational and motivational carnival).

for a few years now i’ve had what i call my wellness basket. it contains a number of things that i know will keep me happy and healthy. however, they are also things that i need to remind myself of; they are not things that i would automatically do.

for the longest time, i would put such things on a “list of things to do” but i finally realized that that felt too … i don’t know, too puritanical, too “should-y”. now i just see my wellness basket as something lovely that i have the opportunity to reach into every day. they are pretty simple things, really:

drink enough water. i want to do this because it’s healthy. but it’s more than that. it’s about listening to my body and responding to her needs.

quiet time. every day i need some moments when i quieten my mind at least a little bit. it can be any of the many forms of meditation; it can be a little candle ritual; spending 10, 15 minutes singing lullabies to my daughter – anything that will help me step back and rest in my core.

movement. it’s amazing how much better i feel when i have movement in my life, especially when it’s outside in fresh air. half an hour of gardening, a walk under the full moon – it will always clear my mind and refresh my body.

write a poem. it doesn’t matter how short and silly it is. it keeps me connected to that creative spark. sometimes it’s 12:30 at night, i’ve brushed my teeth, and i realize i haven’t written a poem yet. since i know that might happen, i have paper and pen ready in the bathroom.
vitamins. two days without vitamins and i’m wiped out.

as you can see, the old latin saying mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body – means a lot to me. the name of this meme is “simply successful secrets”. to me, there can’t be any success if my mind and body aren’t there full-on. and is it a secret? no. this wellness basket is open for everyone. dip in!

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