blog action day: water poem #11

i drink wine. your water is heavy. i feel light with merlot in my veins. you feel light with nothing in your stomach. my limbs grow heavy; a thick blanket waits for me. your water is heavy. your mother waits for you to cook and fetch and carry and mend. you live there. i live… Continue reading blog action day: water poem #11

human, the storytelling animal

i just read too scared to pee – about women in nairobi’s slums for whom it is just too dangerous to go to the washroom at night. details. it is details that make things real for us. statistics like “30% of men in a south african survey believed that women ask to be raped” are… Continue reading human, the storytelling animal

stand up against poverty

as promised, a video about poverty every day this week – blog action day week. this one is a moving piece from last year’s day against poverty. again, i want to take this opportunity and both thank some people who have been good to me, and also shamelessly use this linkbait to draw everyone’s attention… Continue reading stand up against poverty